I Had "Strawberry Skin" for Years Until I Finally Found This $29 Body Serum That Noticeably Smooths

My skin is bright, soft, and bump-free.

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Strawberry Skin Body Wash
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I love everything about my arms except for one thing: the tiny red bumps that flare up all along the backs of them, and they pop up on my legs, too. For years, I tried to ignore them, however when the term "strawberry skin" started trending on TikTok, I went down a rabbit hole learning everything I could about my most stubborn skin problem.

Keratosis pilaris (often referred to as strawberry skin) is a common condition that causes small bumps to raise on the skin's surface. "Keratosis pilaris is caused by a buildup of keratin that blocks hair follicles on the skin, and while it is harmless, it is characterized by fine bumps and dry patches," dermatologist Dr. Corey Hartman previously told InStyle. Unfortunately, in my experience, it's also extremely difficult to get rid of. Scrubs and moisturizers definitely made a difference, but no one product permanently eliminated the bumps like the Paula's Choice 5% Niacinamide Body Serum.

Best known for its chemical facial exfoliants, Paula's Choice made this concentrated cleanser to smooth stubborn skin texture on your back, arms, and legs. Niacinamide is gentle on skin compared to other power ingredients like retinol, yet is still incredibly effective in eliminating acne, skin discoloration, signs of aging, and in my case, raised bumps. Vitamin B3 even increases the production of ceramides, which supports the skin barrier.

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Following the brand's instructions, I applied the body serum to the backs of my arms and legs right after hopping out of the shower and topped it with my favorite moisturizer. Because niacinamide can increase sun sensitivity, I only used the serum at night, but still made sure to apply a generous amount of SPF.

The results were slow at first; after one week, my skin was brighter and noticeably softer, but to my dismay, the rough, bumpy texture remained. However, after two weeks, I saw a significant difference in the size and color of the bumps — some patches had even disappeared. Encouraged, I continued using the serum for several more weeks, and by the time I finished the bottle, my strawberry skin had disappeared.

Sticking with a body care routine can be tiresome, but if keratosis pilaris has you feeling self-conscious, I highly recommend giving this serum a try. Shop it on Paula's Choice for $29.

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