By Marianne Mychaskiw
Updated Oct 23, 2017 @ 7:00 pm
Washing Face
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My skin errs more toward the oily side, which often leads to more breakouts than I'd like, especially around the time my moon cycle is looming. I joke that my complexion still believes I'm 15 years old, and other people joke that I'll be thankful I have oily skin someday, as I'll probably age at a slower rate—both things are true, but still kind of a pain to deal with.

I've tried a pretty wide variety of acne-fighting cleansers and treatments, but never could stick to one since it usually didn't live up to my lofty expectations. Too drying, not drying enough, too medicinal-smelling, finding a formula that was just right left me feeling a bit like Goldilocks in the skincare aisle. Products infused with sulfur would usually do the trick, since they were super effective at killing bacteria that triggered a breakout, but there one was one problem—they did not smell great. I tried a sulfur-based face mask that left my skin smelling like straight-up fart in the day that followed, and even spot treatments that included the stuff proved to be pretty unpleasant. Just when I was thisclose to abandoning hope, the Blue Lagoon Iceland Foaming Cleanser ($55; came into my life.

Blue Lagoon Foaming Cleanser
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I discovered the product on a recent trip to Iceland, and became obsessed with Blue Lagoon's products after spending the better part of a day soaking in their thermal baths. All of the skin, body, and hair products are made on-site, using elements found in the Blue Lagoon and its surrounding area like silica, algae, and of course, sulfur. I was hesitant at first, with flashbacks to the day post-sulfur mask still fresh in my mind, but after pumping out some of the foam into my hand, I found that the product had no lingering rotten egg aroma whatsoever. In fact, it smelled so fresh (and borderline floral), that you wouldn't know sulfur was an active ingredient until you took a closer look at the box. It became my new daily cleanser, and was stored in my checked bag for the flight back. No way was I risking breaking the 3.4 oz. rule and surrendering this stuff.

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Saying that this cleanser has become my favorite would be a massive understatement. I have been using it twice a day for over a month, and already, I notice far less breakouts than before, my oil levels have balanced out, and whenever I feel a pimple starting to form, it usually dries out the activity within a day. Still, it doesn't deplete my complexion to the point that I'm dry and peeling. I reached the halfway point of the bottle this week, and have already ordered another bottle because I'm so paranoid I'll run out. Seriously—it's that good.