By Victoria Moorhouse
Updated Aug 16, 2017 @ 3:15 pm
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Depuffing Eye Gel
Credit: Keith Clouston/Getty

I wear my emotions on my sleeve and my exhaustion under my eyes. While some people can mask their hangovers or insomnia symptoms thanks to makeup, high doses of caffeine, and a good attitude, my bags stick around for pretty much the entire day unless I go hard with a powerful depuffing, deflating eye gel.

I’ve found a few that I swear by, but Dr. Brandt Skincare No More Baggage ($42; was introduced to me as an undereye cream that would reducing the appearance of my bags and dark circles within minutes, but also had long-term benefits. Done and done.

Conveniently, I got home way later into the night than I expected a few days later, so I knew the next morning was the perfect opportunity to test out this miracle tube's claims. Thanks to an innovation called Filmatrix, the product is meant to instantly provide a tightening sensation, while smoothing out the skin. A cocktail of botanical extracts and said to tackle the dark circles. Since mine are a permanent feature on my face thanks to a general lack of sleep and DNA, my hope was to see the blue and green and purple-y marks lighten up.

The gel has a slightly orange tint to it, which I would assume is a play on the color wheel to counteract with the blue-green hues. It can be used over or under makeup, but I dabbed it on in the morning when my eyes were at peak puff before applying concealer. I dabbed it on, and within three minutes I could actually feel my bags deflating and the skin around my eyes tightening up—like a mini eye lift sans the surgery. Concealer can't do that.

When I looked in the mirror a few minutes later, I definitely saw a different in the puffiness under my eyes, but my dark circles were still pretty atrocious. Nevertheless, after four weeks, the brand said that 97 percent of their testing group saw an improvement in the appearance of their dark circles.

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I'll let you know how mine are looking in a month, but even if I don't meet my bedtime, at least I know I won't have to worry about the puff getting out of hand.