Because there's nothing a little beautyblender action can't fix.

By Roxanne Adamiyatt
Updated Aug 23, 2016 @ 12:00 pm
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Beauty Blender Blotter - Lead
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It's August, which for most of the Northern Hemisphere means heat and humidity. And that, for most people, equates to shine. But the thing is, powdering your skin over and over again can cause some issues because it can start to cake and your makeup can start to separate during the day. That's not cute. Thankfully, beautyblender is one step ahead of us, literally always, because their blotterazzi let's you sop up oil without having to use blotting papers or powder. It's genius. Read on to find out why I'm addicted.

What It's Called:

beautyblender blotterazzi pro

How Much It Will Set You Back:

An indulgent appetizer... $20;

What Makes It Special:

Its tear-drop shape makes it super easy to soak up oil in tight places, like the sides of your nose. You can wash them, so it's one less thing to regularly buy on your Duane Reade runs.

Who’s It For?

Anyone with oily skin, anyone living in a warm place, or anyone with a major event to attend.

When to Use It:

Anytime you feel greasy.

What the Internet Is Saying:

What It Feels Like:

A sponge!