By Victoria Moorhouse
Jul 07, 2017 @ 5:45 pm
Courtesy, Getty

Leave it to Bath and Body Works to stir up some nostalgia, sending you back to a place of ‘90s memories filled with the notes of cucumber melon, Tamagotchis, and body glitter. And trust us when we say the brand’s latest launch is somewhat of a reincarnation of one of your old school favorites—shower foam.

While it’s not Art Stuff Foaming Body Wash, it is a version of foam body wash, and in true BBW fashion, it’s themed and downright entertaining. As a part of the new summer collections, the brand has formulated a brand new “Shapeable Soap” that is available in three different versions and scents: Poolside Pop, Cabana Breeze, and Liquid Sunshine. What makes it “shapeable” is that it’s a foam that you can sort of mold in your hands, making your regular shower gel kind of a snooze.

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As you can imagine, they either have fresh, citrusy, floral, and sweet notes associated with them. And FYI, your beloved cucumber makes an appearance in the Poolside Pop line.

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So when your body bar shrinks to an unusable size, think about giving your beauty routine a taste of summer. You can pick up the Shapeable Soap in July in stores and online for $17 each.