Shoppers Say This Line Smoothing Balm Lifts 10 Years Off their Face

Shoppers Say This Line-Smoothing Balm Lifts Years Off Their Face

“My skin looks like it did in my early 30s.”

You've likely heard of retinol, the popular skincare ingredient known for its anti-aging benefits, but does retinal ring a bell? Both ingredients stem from the vitamin A family, but the results they yield differ slightly. Retinal, also referred to as retinaldehyde, has a potency just shy of prescription-strength that provides results faster than traditional retinol. Though this quick of a turnaround can be irritating to sensitive skin, many shoppers have found the Avene PhysioLift Night Smoothing Balm offers a gentle introduction to the time-reversing ingredient.

The anti-aging balm promises to lift and firm sagging skin and minimize signs of dullness or fatigue overnight. Though retinal is the key player at hand, hyaluronic acid, Avene thermal spring water, ascofillinetm (a collagen-boosting derivative of brown algae), and hesperadin (an anti-inflammatory compound) are also included in the formula. According to the brand, the lightweight moisturizer won't ever clog pores since it's oil-free, paraben-free, and mineral-oil free. 

Avene PhysioLift Night Smoothing Balm
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Reviewers say the balm instantly gets to work on redness, age spots, expression lines, and dryness better than more expensive products they've tried before. Despite it's potent formula, dedicated users have not noticed any aggravation on their skin in the slightest. In fact, one shopper says their face and neck "haven't looked this good in ages." 

"I'm in my late 40s, but with this product, my skin looks like it did in my early 30s," wrote one reviewer. "I am amazed! My skin and my eyes are very sensitive, but I've had no problems whatsoever. Just glowing, healthy skin. I highly recommend this smoothing night balm."

"I'm very new to Avene and decided to try the night balm along with a few other Physiolift products," shared another. "I think I've found my forever skin care line! It's light and soaks into my skin leaving it soft and smooth. I've been using it for almost three weeks now and am seeing some improvement in my fine lines and pigmentation."

You can get the lifting and firming balm on the Avene website for $50 per bottle