Augustinus Bader's Newest Cream Soothes My Stressed-Out Skin

At least my face looks cool, calm, and collected.

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THE SPLURGE: This Cream Soothes My Stressed Out Skin
Photo: Augustinus Bader/ InStyle

There is nothing monogamous about my skincare routine. Keeping up to date with the latest and greatest innovations on the market is a part of my job, which means I typically have three to five moisturizers in my medicine cabinet at any given time.

I'll stick with one for a couple of weeks before saying thank you, next. And so on. So when I keep coming back to a particular brand's moisturizer whenever I can that's saying something about the formula. One such brand is Augustinus Bader.

While I'm a day one fan of the brand's original The Cream and The Rich Cream, its two cult-favorite products beloved by several celebrities including Victoria Beckham, Jennifer Aniston, and Dakota Johnson, I can't stop reaching for its latest launch, The Ultimate Soothing Cream.

Augustinus Bader The Ultimate Soothing Cream

To shop: $280;

Like the brand's other products, The Ultimate Soothing Cream's hero ingredient is the patented cell-regenerating TFC8 complex and includes niacinamide and evening primrose oil. The vegan, hypoallergenic formula is intended to calm and restore dry, inflamed, and sensitive skin and strengthen against environmental aggressors like cold weather and harsh winds.

The Ultimate Soothing Cream conveniently launched at the beginning of March, the tail-end of winter, the point of the season when my skin has had it with the dry air both outdoors and indoors, no thanks to my apartment's radiator.

Whenever I slather a generous amount of the moisturizer on my skin, my face instantly feels smoother and less tight. Not to mention, despite being a rich cream, it quickly absorbs into my skin without leaving any greasy residue.

While The Ultimate Soothing Cream provides instant relief from seasonal dryness, it also features significant anti-aging benefits with continued use. According to Augustinus Bader's 12-week clinical trial of 30 women ages 18-70, the brand found their wrinkles and fine lines were visibly induced by more than 78%.

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While I'm still working on mitigating my mental stress, at least my skin looks cool, calm, and collected thanks to this gentle yet effective cream.

The Splurge is our recurring column dedicated to expensive beauty products that are worth it. This week, why we're rebuying Augustinus Bader The Ultimate Soothing Cream despite the $280 price tag.

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