By Victoria Moorhouse
Oct 10, 2016 @ 1:15 pm

My feelings towards winter clothing directly correlate to that of my feelings towards winter skin care. I’m usually freaking out about how I’m going to manage layering one long sleeve shirt, a sweater, and a leather jacket and still move my arms.

On the beauty side? The stress is about how I’m going to slather on that heavy-duty, super thick moisturizer that my rosy, dehydrated cheeks need and then put on foundation… and have it sit still on my face for more than three hours. 

On top of my preference for a lightweight product, which you can barely tell is there,  wearing a heavy moisturizer and then putting on skin tint freaks me out SO MUCH because I’m terrified of breaking out. So you get why finding the perfect under-makeup moisturizer is difficult for me this time of year.

But thankfully, in the form of serums, sprays, bottles, and teeny-tiny tubs of goodness, the beauty world is full of answers for your skin probs, and Atopalm came to my rescue. 

It’s called the Atopalm Undermakeup Moisture Cream, and if the way your foundation or tint layer on your face cream is something that occupies your thoughts, this is made for you. 

The formula, which is ideal for sensitive skin, is a mix between a moisturizer and a primer, and as the name suggests, is designed specifically for underneath your makeup. My skin is fairly dry on my cheeks and my laugh lines (yep, have ‘em and embracing ‘em,)  but this super lightweight cream does the trick of moisturizing, but still absorbing in seconds. 

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The most attractive part of the formulation, however, is that my makeup stays on my face and doesn’t pill up when applied on top of it. It only rings up to 20 bucks, too, and will retail soon on Peach and Lily. 

I know I'll probably have to up the ante when it comes to moisturizer the minute the temps drop below 45, but in the meantime, I'm calling this my fall skin savior.