Ashley Graham
Credit: Gabriel Grams/Getty

We interrupt what we only hope is a relaxing Friday to give you the latest from your girl Ashley Graham and her feed of flawless selfies.

The model has been vacationing with her girlfriends in Cancun to celebrate her 29th birthday, and in the meantime, soaking up some vitamin D. Naturally, with what we can imagine is the kiss of the sun and minimal makeup, her gorgeous freckles popped out, and Ashley posted a selfie to embrace her sunshine-y, downright gorgeous look.

Before her bday getaway (which is incredibly well deserved, we might add), the model spent the past couple of months filming the revamped America's Next Top Model, which will premiere this fall, as well as promoting her latest lingerie collection for Addition Elle.

And with that workload, how it's possible that she still has that perfect complexion is completely beyond us.