By Victoria Moorhouse
Oct 17, 2016 @ 6:15 pm
Bruce Glikas/Getty Images

Amber Rose already made putting on faux eyelashes (a task that often results in me pulling out my own hair) way easier, and now, she's moved on to easing the process of getting inked. Well, kind of. 

In her next release with Flirt Cosmetics, Amber has teamed up with renowned artist Donald Robertson yet again to introduce a new line of temporary tattoos (get the whole ease thing now?). And no, they're not reserved for festival season. 

So if you're not quite at Bella Thorne's label of angel wings bravery, Amber Rose has your back. 

Cleverly named Chicers (get it? stickers + chic), the line consists of temp tats inspired by makeup looks, as it includes eyeliner, eyelash, and lip facial stickers. You'll also find moons, hearts, and dots, and they retail for $18, which isn't too bad if you're truly dedicated to body art. 

FLiRT CHiCers ! Temporary eye makeup and face tats NEW today on #tempfacetats

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#tempfacetats makeup by @priscillaono @sephorapro

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And considering Halloween is legit two weeks away, this doesn't seem like a bad back-up if that whole DIY costume doesn't work out for 'ya. 

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Now they don't seem as believable as those INKED by Dani arrows and "good vibes" designs, but we'll leave the challenge of faking out your mom, sister, dad, friends, grandmother, etc. up to you. 

Honestly, we cannot wait to see what Amber and Flirt have planned next.