This Oddly Satisfying Blackhead Vacuum Has Over 9,000 Five-Star Reviews

It's only $19 and also helps minimize the look of fine lines and wrinkles.

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Blackhead Pore Vacuum
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Can we all agree that sometimes the most disgusting beauty rituals are also the most satisfying? I mean, TLC based a whole show around the concept. Most dermatologists, however, would probably ask you to resist the urge to pop your pimples — no matter how pus-filled they might seem. Luckily, safer extraction methods exist, like the June Julien Blackhead Remover.

The top-rated tool acts as a mini vacuum cleaner that seriously sucks, with customers quick to note, "it sucks like it's supposed to." Using the LED light, you can hone in on any impurities you're looking to "vacuum out" with one of the four replaceable beauty heads — the circular probe being best for stubborn blackheads. The pore vacuum also comes with a medium-sized beauty head that gently tugs at the skin to help smooth fine lines and wrinkles, and a smaller beauty head for more sensitive skin types. Combine that with five suction levels and you can completely customize your experience based on your needs.

Tip: Customers suggest steaming or washing your face before using the vacuum to better open the pores, and refraining from suctioning too long in one spot to avoid ending up with a "hickey."

June Julien blackhead remover

Shop now: $19 (Originally $29);

Maybe it's due to all the time we're currently spending at home staring at our skin, but Amazon sales for the tiny pore vacuum just jumped 140 percent in the last 24 hours. Even before its newfound notoriety, the blackhead remover was clearly a best seller, with over 16,000 reviews and a handful of before and after photos from "pleasantly, yet grossly surprised" customers.

One five-star reviewer praises the tool for more than just its blackhead-sucking capabilities, writing, "I wish I could rate this 100 stars! It has not only cleared my blackheads but has given me the best skin I've ever had. I've also always had terribly greasy skin — I mean like by noon, you could fry chicken on my face, and this product has erased that completely. I'm still pretty young so I don't have many wrinkles but I was starting to notice deeper laugh lines. I spend a little extra time with this product on them and they literally are not there anymore."

Another once skeptical reviewer says, "This is the best thing I have purchased in my life! I got this on a whim and was thinking it never hurts to try it out. The amount of stuff that came out of my nose was so disgusting. It reminded me of an episode of Dr. Pimple Popper. I have noticed a huge difference in my pores and my face is not as oily as before. "

If you're looking for a safe way to clear skin at home, grab the June Julien Blackhead Remover while it's 35 percent off.

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