One of These “Liquid Gold” Exfoliants Sells Every Two Minutes

One of These Australian Anti-Aging Exfoliants Sells Every Two Minutes

Shoppers say it makes them look 20 years younger.
By Rachel Nussbaum
Updated Jun 04, 2021 @ 6:00 am
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The skincare world has come a long, long, long way from the days when exfoliating meant scrubbing your face with pebbles. Turns out, stone fruit pits aren't the easiest for your face to handle. As a beauty writer, I then saw the skincare world segue into super-powerful chemical exfoliants, which come with their own risks — a danger that doesn't accompany Alpha-H's Liquid Gold, an exfoliating tonic that revolutionizes users' skin within a week.

The Australian-born line of resurfacing, brightening, and anti-aging products focuses on bringing out the best in skin, with pH levels that mean the formulas actually make a difference. The Liquid Gold exfoliant in particular has a pared-down, filler-free formula, combining five percent glycolic acid with moisturizing glycerin, hydrolyzed silk to prevent trans-epidermal water loss, and brightening licorice root extract. Small team, big results (and big sales, since one bottle sells every two minutes).   

"This product makes me want to cry happy tears," writes one shopper of their experience. "For as long as I can remember, I suffered from hormonal acne along my cheeks and chin, as well as the tiny bumps along my forehead and cheeks. I've used this every other day for one week and they are GONE. I am truly the most confident I've been in years." Others second the effect on cystic acne, and add that they've also noticed less blackheads and redness.  

Liquid Gold with 5% Glycolic Acid
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More shoppers call it a "pigmentation life saver" that softens their skin while fading dark marks, the level of glycolic acid enough to fight wrinkles and speed skin renewal without over-exfoliating to your skin's detriment. "I have been using Alpha-H Liquid Gold for a year now, and most people assume I'm 55," writes a shopper in their late 70s. "My skin is youthful and glowing." Along the same lines, a 71-year-old says they come off as in their mid-50s — a mood booster that's helped them through health troubles. 

If you're someone who prizes instant gratification, you're in good hands. One 56-year-old notes that they saw major results within three tries of the product; after sweeping it on with a cotton pad at night, they woke up to clear, glowing skin. And thanks to the included hydrators, their skin felt plush the morning after, no moisturizer required. 

Those in their 40s cherish the exfoliant, too. "I'm 47 and have well looked-after skin, but it has a tendency to get congested and dull. I have had immediate results with this product — smoother skin, more glow." The benefits only mount with use: After two weeks, another person says they saw a huge improvement in two stubborn sun spots, and the lines and overall texture of their skin had smoothed out. 

"The real affirmation was when a girlfriend commented on my skin and asked me what I was doing," the shopper concludes. "The only new addition to my skincare routine was it wasn't in my head 😉 Perfect." No wonder people call it "youth in a bottle."