Bad news? It's only in Australia... 

Woman with Dotted Face Moisturizer - Lead 2016
Credit: Getty

Who knew? Turns out, international discount grocery store Aldi has a comprehensive line of luxury skin-care products, Lacura, and they just announced the addition of four new, anti-aging products that don't cost more than $20 a pop, according to The Daily Mail. Is your wallet smiling, yet?

Each of the products in the Lacura Icellage range—the Night Cream, Intensive Serum, Eye Gel and Day Cream—contain powerful ingredients, including Alpine flower cells, hyaluronic acid, primrose oil, and shea butter. This range, along with their others, are reportedly dermatologically tested, and it seems pretty legit.

For example, as part of their Q10 collection for women who are 30 and up, there's the Revive Hyaluronic Gel (about $8 USD, Aldi) and Science Skin Renew Face Night Cream (about $6 USD, Aldi), which contains a retinol complex and wrinkle-fighting coenzyme Q10. There's also the "Revitalise" Collection for mature skin, which consists of highly moisturizing, intensive skin-care products, and the "Skin Science" Collection, which was formulated with all skin types in mind.

Currently, Aussie residents are the only folks who have access to the new products, and they're currently available online as a "special buy" for those lucky Australia residents to purchase. Maybe Lacura will make its way over to the U.S…