I Have Dry, Sensitive Skin, and I Finally Found a $10 Face Wash That Never Over-Strips

I no longer experience that tightening feeling after cleansing.

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I Have Dry, Sensitive Skin, and I Finally Found a $10 Face Wash That Never Over-Strips
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While I'm usually intentional with my beauty buys, coming across my now-favorite face wash was a total accident. I was traveling and my skincare routine at the time did not pass the TSA requirements, so I made a plan to replace a few things with cheap drugstore alternatives when I landed. Given that I would only be using a face wash for a few days, I told myself, "It doesn't have to be great, it just has to be $10 or less." But, as I've learned, some things can be both.

I grabbed Acure's Seriously Soothing Cleansing Cream because it fit the bill for what I was looking for in a face wash. Given that I have very dry, reactionary skin — we're talking immediate tightness after skin cleansing and intense reddening after most masks — the promise of a soothing and hydrating product that wouldn't irritate my sensitive skin was intriguing enough, but seeing that it was also just $10? I immediately added it to my basket.

ACURE Seriously Soothing Cleansing Cream

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Fortunately, this Acure cleansing cream did everything it promised and more. Thanks to ingredients like chamomile and calendula, it's incredibly soothing to the skin, and the addition of peony extract made the simple act of washing my face smell spa-like. While I'm usually quick to moisturize after washing (given that just a few minutes without it can lead to uncomfortable levels of tightness), this face wash provided enough hydration that I didn't have to rush to get to my next skincare steps. Acure's cleansing cream provided me with an effective cleanse — grabbing any leftover makeup bits my initial cleansing balm didn't get — all while ensuring that my skin wasn't overly-stripped. Long story short: My skin was clean and moisturized for the price of a coffee and a half.

It's been over a half a year since I switched to this cleanser and I haven't looked back, now repurchasing it on Amazon where over 3,000 reviewers are just as happy with it as I am. Some shoppers even noted that the Acure face wash works great for makeup removal, saying that it "easily washes" away mascara and "stubborn eyeliner."

Before Acure's Seriously Soothing Cleansing Cream, I thought affordable face washes weren't an option for my overly dry, sensitive skin; now, I willingly spend $10 every other month to get my best moisturized skin ever.

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