By Victoria Moorhouse
Updated Jun 14, 2016 @ 12:15 pm
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Overnight Hydration Mask - LEAD
Credit: Courtesy

For the past two weeks, I haven’t been as disciplined as I should be with applying nighttime moisturizer. I’ve been drifting off to sleep somewhere in-between a few spritzes of face mist and actually getting off the couch to apply my lotion. Now that you’re filled in, you can understand why my face has been feeling a little dry…and taut…and uncomfortable. Skin TLC was more than necessary, so when I heard about Algenist’s SPLASH Absolute Hydration Replenishing Sleeping Pack ($48;, which is an overnight mask that is touted as a sports drink for your face, I knew I needed to test it out.

In my humble opinion, it sounded almost as good as an orange Gatorade.

The last thing I want in the summer is a lot of product on my face (well, except for SPF), so I was pleased to find a gel-like moisturizer when I opened the lid. And when applying it, the product felt as light and refreshing as splashing water all over your face (the name makes sense here).

Immediately after applying the formula, which is made with ingredients like red microalgae polysaccharide and alguronic acid, I felt what I would describe as a cooling sensation.

The directions explained to apply it over your face and let it sit for about seven minutes before going to bed. Maybe to protect your pillowcase? Maybe to let the product truly soak in?

I applied it, sprayed my lavender mist on my pillow, filled up a glass of water, texted a few friends back, turned off my lights and hit the hay. In the morning, I went into the bathroom before my workout to cleanse, and while my face wasn’t sticky or wet anymore, I did feel like I had a light film of product over my face. Not a big deal—just something I noticed!

I splashed my face with water and patted dry to see how my skin felt and looked, which was moisturized (score) and well rested. The latter might have something to do with the fact I actually slept 8 hours…with a tiny break in my REM cycle for a midnight snack.

When there are cookies on your counter, there’s only so much self-discipline to be had.

So would I use it again? Definitely. While I hope I don’t go on a summer skin-care vacation again (not a great habit), at least I know this will help nurse my face back to health in the unfortunate situation.