Beauty Antioxidants - Lead 2016
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Applying sunscreen daily might have become as second nature as downing your morning cup of joe, but how about antioxidants? Think of them as sunscreen’s sidekick, helping to deflect free radicals produced by things like pollution and UV rays. There are tons of antioxidants to choose from, though, so we talked to N.Y.C. dermatologist, Marnie Nussbaum, to help figure out which ones you may want to consider adding to your regimen.

Those with dry complexions may want to look for products that contain the antioxidant niacinimide. “It protects the skin barrier and also increases ceramide and free fatty acid production, so it plumps and hydrates skin,” says Nussbaum who loves SK-II’s RNA Power cream, which contains the star antioxidant ($230;