If you want a lesson in "cool," this is a good bet. 

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If you follow Estée Edit model ambassador Irene Kim on social media, you already know what I'm about to say... She's a study in being cool. Seriously, she adds a flair of "no biggie" to everything she does and pulls it off as though it's effortless. Not to mention, her beauty game is 100 percent. I was lucky enough to sit down with her and get some of her secrets and beauty tricks. Even better, she told me what to do if my worst beauty nightmare ever came true—you know, losing my makeup bag while traveling. Given that that woman is on a plane literally once a week traversing the globe, there was no better person to learn from.

But first I had to know what her secrets were for amazing skin. Kim explained to me that her glow can be attribute to not only Estée Edit Beam Team ($42; sephora.com), which I've tried and am obsessed with, but also a trick she learned from her facialist. "When my facialist does a mask on me, for an extra intense moisture and penetration of treatment, she puts the mask on me and then she Saran wraps my face. I mean, she also leaves space for me to breathe, but what this does is seals the heat and moisture into your skin." Apparently, you take it off and you glow. Copying this RN.

As for another trick I learned from the Estée Edit beauty? Irene literally gave me the cutest way ever to make the Snapchat star filter the real life way. "I was looking through some editorial photos and there was one with a girl with glitter all over her face and I thought, maybe glitter could make a cute embellishment. So I took eyelash glue and put 3 tiny glitter stars on my brow bone," she says.

HOW ADORABLE IS THAT YOU GUYS?! So that nightmare situation where you lose your skin-care stash on your way to holiday? Here's your shopping list solution. First, Irene says you'll want to pick up the Estée Edit Pink Peony Overnight Water Pack, ($50; sephora.com). "This product just feels so nourishing on my skin and just feels great in general. Plus, it's super hydrating. It's the one product I need on my skin every day."

As for her other two skin-care essentials to pick up in a travel disaster, but also just in general? Well, Beam Team is a must. "It doesn't make you look like you are wearing makeup, you just glow and look like you have amazing skin."

She also adds you'll want to indulge in the Estée Edit Rescue Balm ($50; sephora.com) because the ingredients are baller. "It's made with so many fruit and nut oils that it's super nourishing."

And if you've seen her skin, you see that this is obviously the case.

See, I told you she was the coolest.