Finally, your scalp can breathe.

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Silk Pillowcase

I have yet to meet a Black girl who doesn't wrap her hair with a silk scarf at night or put on a bonnet before bed.

It's a part of our culture, and one of the many ways we care for our beautiful coily, curly hair. However, once summer rolls around, unless we're blasting the AC, I think most of us can agree that covering our hair at night can feel stifling. And I, for one, hate waking up with a sweaty scalp.

So in the summertime (with a few exceptions), I tend to keep my scarves and bonnets off my head and in my PJ drawer. But before you gasp in disbelief, hear me out when I say I have a solution. And you may want to try it out too — if you haven't already.

Silk pillowcases are the answer, the truth, and the light.

My two Slip Silk Pillowcase have been my ultimate BFFs ever since I ditched my cotton bedding in their favor. It's basically the equivalent of spreading your scarf across your pillow.

Now, not only can I let my scalp breathe at night, but I can still wake up to soft curls or braids that aren't in danger of breakage due to the friction some fabrics can create.

Silk Pillowcase

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"Traditional pillowcases will absorb moisture, but silk and satin will help retain the moisture in the hair, causing the hair to become less brittle and damaged," says haircare expert Candace Witherspoon of the New York City-based Candace Witherspoon Salon. "It also helps to fight frizz."

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Aside from the hair benefits (and freedom) silk pillowcases can give you, you also won't wake up with sleep lines across your face, and you'll notice that your skin will feel a lot softer and moisturized in the morning, too.

So if you haven't already hopped on the wave, I highly suggest you make the switch sooner than later.

Trust me, your natural hair with thank you (and me).

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