Shu Uemura's New Lip Balms Will Literally Make Your Lips Glow

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Japanese makeup brand Shu Uemura recently collaborated with Korean fashion designer Kathleen Kye. If you're on any kind of a spending halt or budget, you should be careful because pretty much everything in the collection is covetable. For those who don't know Kye, she was born in the states, but grew up in Seoul, and her bold designs have quickly earned her attention not just in South Korea, but across the globe. Rihanna and Rita Ora have been seen wearing her stuff, in fact.

The Spring collection, launched on April 18, is appropriately called KYE and aims to capture the essence of Korean pop culture and makeup trends. Think super youthful colors, playful designs, trendy packaging, and products that offer an experience. The KYE Sheer Color Lip Balms offer all of the above.

The "magic" formula reacts with the moisture and pH of your lips, causing them to instantly convert from one color to another and create a unique glowing effect. The balms run $30 each, are packaged in black tubes with pink graffiti-inspired designs, and are available in three colors, including "glow in pink," "hugged in peach," and "melt in orange."


The Shu Uemura KYE Collection has some other fun finds, as well. For example, there's the Fresh Cushion Blush (in pink and orange), Beauty Cleansing Oil, and eyebrow tints in dark rose and dark violet. The latter has garnered the collection a fair amount of attention, as well.

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