Welcome to your new beauty mecca. 

Credo NYC Store_Inside 1.jpg
Credit: Jane Kratochvil

I don't know about you, but if I have the opportunity to use a clean beauty product, I generally take it. For me, natural beauty has always been interesting, for the most part effective, and I can feel good about the fact that some of my routine is more friendly towards the earth.

That being said, it's often a little harder to decipher which natural beauty brands are legit, and quite honestly, what is worth spending the money on rather than just DIYing it.

Well, friends, that problem is now a thing of the past. Why, you ask? Well, Credo Beauty, which is essentially the Sephora of natural beauty, just opened a brick and mortar store in NYC, and they have an amazing website to boot.

Not only do they carry an extensive list of brands (thinking Tata Harper, Juice Beauty, and Mio, to name a few) and have stringent ingredient requirements, but they also have a wealth of brands that you've probably never even heard of before. That was the case with me — and I know my way around a beauty store.

All of a sudden, I was acquainted with brands that I probably wouldn't see in a traditional department store. And my wish list? It would be more appropriate to call it a wish scroll — it's that long. From natural fragrances that are utterly delicious, to natural sunscreen, and all-natural lashes (you guys!!!), I was totally giddy.

Oh, and the wide array of aromatherapy brands they carry only helped, btw. If you're looking to make some small changes and add natural beauty to your routine, or if you are a natural-only kinda lady, Credo and its website is your new favorite place. I can guarantee it.