By Victoria Moorhouse
Updated Jan 22, 2018 @ 5:30 pm
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Schick Razor
Credit: Schick

There’s only ever been one way to shave your legs. You likely start at the ankle and gently glide the razor up your shaving cream-lathered shin towards your knee. Then, you pick up the razor, place it back down near your ankle, and start again. We learn this stuff when we’re, like, 11 years old, and it doesn't really change. But if you tried pushing that razor back down towards your feet without lifting it up? Well, not to get graphic, but your bathtub would be covered in blood, and band-aids would be essential. That was the lesson we learned the hard way at 11.

No razor innovation has ever changed the way we shave, until Schick’s released their new revolutionary invention, the Schick Intuition f.a.b. Razor ($8;

Schick Razor
Credit: Courtesy  

The shaving brand has just dropped a razor that not only shaves your legs forwards, but is also designed to work backwards. Basically, you can shave your entire leg, under-arm, arms, etc. without ever picking up the razor and moving it to another area. It's thanks to the razor's bi-directional design, courtesy of a techy cartridge that makes moving in both directions safe without lifting it up.

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The razor is made up of five blades—three of which shave up while the last two shave down. Moisture gel is infused into the cartridge, giving you an even smoother shave. We've been conditioned to think shaving backwards is a generally horrible idea, so we were shocked a how close of a shave it really provides. It also sped up the process by a few minutes, which is half the reason we skip out on shaving in the shower and leave the prickles where they are.

And just like that, the beauty task you procrastinate the most is now sort of fun. (Yes, really.)