This Ultra-Popular Curl Conditioner Is Laced With Hair Growth Oil

This Ultra-Popular Curl Conditioner Is Laced With Hair Thickening Oil — and It's 50% Off 

It's just $5 right now.
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Of all the curly hair brands out there, it doesn't get more reliable than SheaMoisture. The products are a gift for curls that turn into a thicket of snarls after a few too many days without detangling, so no matter how many bottles I cram into my bathroom's shower caddy, the brand gets a well-deserved spot at the top. Over 7,000 five-star Amazon ratings agree that it's good stuff, and right now, you can get the line's best-selling conditioner for just $5. 

It's a generous deal that SheaMoisture didn't have to strike, especially because the Curl and Shine Conditioner is ordinarily affordable at $10. But hey, if the brand wants to, there's no sense turning it down — particularly since those five bucks will buy you endless good hair days and longer, thicker hair, thanks to the cruelty-free formula's neem oil. 

If you're not familiar with neem, shoppers seeking an end to hair loss worship the plant's oil for the way it spikes growth with just a few drops. SheaMoisture craftily included enough of the oil to reap those benefits, but masked its divisive smell with a juicy, tropical blend of coconut oil, mango seed butter, hibiscus extract, and essential oils (so no phthalates, bless). One shopper says their mom was facing hair that was "falling out in clumps," until she tried the conditioner. Once in action, "no more hair fall." 

SheaMoisture conditioner
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Shop now: $5 (Originally $10); 

The hydrators above are joined by shea butter, jojoba oil, olive fruit oil, panthenol, and vitamin E, while silk protein covers the strengthening quotient for a balanced moisture-to-protein ratio. The proof is in the conditioner's nearly 600 five-star reviews, earned from people with super kinky hair to those just searching for shine. 

The conditioner fluctuates between Amazon's top three and four best-selling hair conditioner spots, thanks to its fantastic ability to slip through tangles, moisturize away "gnarly dead ends," and avoid weighing hair down in the process. "This conditioner is incredible," writes one person with hair they describe as overwhelmingly thick and curly. "I injured myself and couldn't function for over a week, and my hair matted. I was scared I'd have to cut some of it off, it was definitely not brushable — this conditioner to the rescue! Lathered and voila, hair was saveable." 

Another person credits the conditioner with inducing growth while curing their obstinately dry, hay-like hair, while over two dozen others praise it for transforming frizz into defined, bouncy curls. Shoppers go so far as to call it the "best hair choice I've ever made," and even those in the perpetually humid Pacific Northwest say it prevents curls from frizzing. If you've ever taken curls for a walk in the rain or snow, you know that's a massive compliment (almost as massive as said hair). 

It especially excels at coaxing faint waves into happy curls, so much so that shoppers crown it a jewel of the curly girl method that "will change your entire texture, immediately." Even though it's a daily-use formula, shoppers say the results compare to the gloss and softness that they'd normally get from a deep conditioner, or luxury buys that go for $30 a bottle

Yet the "miracle" potion puts them to shame, and the effects are so powerful, shoppers report only needing a fraction of their styling products to get silky, no-frizz curls. After "decades of trying what felt like just about every product on the planet," happy fans say they'll never stray.