Because who doesn't love to play with a little virtual makeover?

makeover app
Credit: Getty Images

You know what's great about makeup? Being able to play without making any permanent changes. But sometimes shopping for beauty products can be stressful, purely because it can be nerve-wracking wondering if something will suit you. Well, Sephora appears to be one-step ahead of us all, as per usual, because the brand has a super fun answer to that problem.

You're probably at the edge of your seat right now, so I won't delay, but this new release is super cool.

Sephora Virtual Artist, which is available for free through the Sephora app, has been enhanced to enable Sephora clients to try on over 90 false lashes by brand and style, much like the previously launched lip service. So basically, with a tap of your finger, you can see how each style can look on your face, as well as mix and match lash styles and lip colors.

Not to mention, users will still be able to access Compare Me, which allows them to see up to four different looks on one screen (so you can pick the best, duh), and Shake It Up, a feature which selects four random new looks for you each time you shake your phone. And those of you who are wondering if you can do it on a desktop... Yes. Yes, you can.


But that's not all! Is this not the gift that keeps giving?

Sephora Virtual Artist is also launching Virtual Tutorials. Essentially, they will be providing easy step-by-step instructions for creating a variety of trendy looks. How fun? They list products needed and then animate it on the actual user's face with each of the application steps. Honestly, the amazing features list goes on and on. What a time to be alive, right? Check it out for yourself!