There’s just one catch.

By Kelly Bryant
Updated Apr 28, 2016 @ 6:00 am
Colin McConnell/Getty Images

If you’re as obsessed with making everyone around you think that you just woke up looking gorgeous without any primping as I am, then run (don’t walk) to your favorite Sephora location. Yes, your beauty Shangri-la has added a new program to its Sephora Beauty Class roster, and it’s of the No-Makeup Makeup variety.

The 90-minute class is free of charge as long as you’re a Beauty Insider (and why wouldn’t you be — the program’s points and freebies are one of life’s great pleasures), and its goal is to help you achieve the best version of you without looking like you tried. They’ll school you on your very own Skincare IQ and offer a Color IQ consultation, teach you how to use BB and CC creams to their best advantage, and give you all of the info you need for that coveted “lit-from-within” look. If only this had been part of my major in collection. I would have never missed a class.

If you already have the no-makeup thing down pat, Sephora also offers classes in contour and highlight, brow shaping, and essential eyeliner — surely there’s something you’d like to perfect.

I imagine these babies fill up pretty darn quick so head to to learn more about their targeted beauty classes —you can even book directly online at your closest store. Now excuse me while I look for the me-but-better neutrals I need to perfect that no-makeup look.