If You're Over 50, This Skincare Line Was Made Just For You

All the products were formulated to work specifically on mature skin.

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Here's the thing: as much as many of us want to hold on to our youth forever, growing older is not only inevitable, but it's also a privilege not afforded to everyone. So instead of focusing solely on how to erase the signs of aging, SeeMe Beauty, a new skincare line from Procter and Gamble, wants women over 50 to embrace their mature skin, while also keeping it nourished and healthy.

"Women often tell us that their normal skincare products suddenly stop working like they used to as they approach perimenopause," scientist and SeeMe co-founder Christi Putman tells InStyle. "That’s because a significant drop in estrogen levels in your body causes your skin to change rapidly, including a drop in collagen production, thinning of your skin barrier, a slowing of skin turnover, and overall drier skin. As this occurs, you need products with different ingredients to combat these rapid changes."

That's exactly why the collection was specially crafted to work for women of a certain age.

But there is one gold standard ingredient missing from the mix that you'd probably expect to see: retinol. However, Putman says there's good reason for that — and don't worry, they have a substitute.

"After testing thousands of ingredients, we have clinical data showing that as estrogen decreases in our skin, artichoke leaf extract actually works faster than retinol to deliver visible results because it is a powerful anti-inflammatory," she shares. "As a bonus, it doesn’t have the side effects of retinol, like redness or irritation, which can become less tolerable as our skin becomes more fragile in perimenopause and beyond."

The products also include other beneficial ingredients like avocado oil, dill extract, turmeric, and niacinamide to not only help leave skin deeply hydrated, but also to improve texture and even out complexion. Plus, they're all free of parabens, sulfates, and artificial fragrances.

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Now, as for why mature women are often disregarded by the beauty industry, Putman believes it's the market's general obsession with younger consumers that's to blame. However, she also believes that SeeMe can shift things around.

"We want to rock it," she says. "Not erase it!"

Shop SeeMe Beauty

Sweet Dreams Night Cream


To shop: $45; seemebeauty.com

This night cream is packed with hyaluronic acid, so you'll be sure to wake up with dewy, hydrated skin in the morning.

For Your Eyes Only Cream


To shop: $39; seemebeauty.com

A fragrance-free eye cream, filled with two forms of vitamin B and tapioca means your under-eye area will look more and more refreshed with every use.

I'll Mask With You Smoothing Treatment


To shop: $45; seemebeauty.com

For smoother looking skin, apply this exfoliating mask to clean skin once or twice and week, then leave on for five minutes. The results? Softer, brighter skin.

Smooth Out Recovery Serum

see me beauty

To shop: $55; seemebeauty.com

This serum was specially formulated help nourish estrogen-depleted skin. Apply two to three pumps twice a day for best results.

Call Me Hydra-Cream


To shop: $45; seemebeauty.com

Apply this cream to your face, neck, and chest morning and evening to help to visibly firm and soften skin.

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