These Best-Selling Dermaplaning Blades Are the Key to Super Soft Skin

And they’re gentle enough for sensitive skin.
By Jayla Andrulonis
Aug 18, 2020 @ 4:22 pm
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The whole “not being able to leave the house due to a pandemic” thing threw a curveball at basically every aspect of our daily lives. And of course, as salons shut down, it forced a little bit of creativity and er, bravery, in terms of taking routine beauty services into our own hands. But some of these DIY adventures may just prove to be lasting. 

Such is the case for many Amazon shoppers who discovered Schick’s Multipurpose Touch-Up Blades during shelter-in-place. The gentle razors are a best-seller with more than 27,000 reviews to back up their versatility and results, so it’s really no surprise that skincare shoppers have ditched their appointments for the easy-to-use at-home method. 

“I will start by saying that I am someone who is used to getting regular facials that include dermaplaning. I bought this because this service was no longer available to me during social distancing,” said one shopper who left a perfect review . “I needed something to clear away dead skin and fine hairs. This product did NOT disappoint. The first time I used this blade/product I was absolutely amazed at the results. My face felt amazing. I then proceeded to follow my moisturizing routine and it literally felt like I came from the spa.” 

If you’re new to dermaplaning, it’s really quite simple: Always start with a clean blade and a freshly washed face. Then just hold your skin taut while pressing the razor at an angle and applying gentle downward strokes. The hair and dead skin will be swept away in a super satisfying manner, leaving your skin glowing and smoother than you ever thought possible.  

The multipurpose beauty tool is something like a jack of all trades. Not only is it designed to shape eyebrows with just a swipe, its gentle blades also easily remove “peach fuzz” and exfoliate for super smooth skin. Even shoppers with sensitive and acne-prone skin have found incorporating the dermaplaning blades into their own routine to be a game-changer for a more even makeup application and improved complexion. 

“These little guys work perfectly for dermaplaning,” raved another reviewer . “ I used one the other night after I washed and applied toner to my face. It’s been a couple days and my skin still feels baby soft. I didn’t have any sort of reaction or anything to the exfoliation which was nice because I have severe cystic acne. My makeup goes on so smooth and I finally have that glowing look I’ve been trying to get! I will definitely be buying these again.”

While some things are better left to the professionals, we’re all for cutting corners where it’s possible. Head to Amazon to snag the dermaplaning blades thousands are swearing by as the secret to getting the smoothest skin ever.

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