Because OGX says there’s no such thing as bad hair.

By Kelly Bryant
Updated May 04, 2016 @ 6:15 am
Say Hello to Badass Hair Days
Credit: Getty Images

We’ve all had those days when our strands just didn’t feel up to snuff. Whether they went frizzy, flat, or took on a weird life of their own, sometimes your mane just doesn’t want to cooperate. But haircare purveyors OGX want to change the way you feel about those lackluster moments with their second annual Badass Hair Days.

You see, the brand wants you to embrace your locks no matter how they look, because whether they’re full and bouncy or limp and lackluster, they’re unique to you, which makes them inherently badass.

Today OGX is unveiling a video on their Facebook page which includes details on their OGXperiment challenge. Basically they’ll list the only tools you can use to create a signature style, then they’re encouraging their devotees to post the look to the social media platform of their choice with the hashtags #BadassHairDay and #OGXperiment.

But if you thought they would stop with just one challenge then you have vastly underestimated OGX’s dedication to the cause. They’ll be posting other fun projects throughout May, culminating in National Badass Hair Day on May 31.

So fire up those blow dryers (or whatever tools the brand will allow you to wield) and get ready to model your most badass self. Think of it as a lesson in hair empowerment. Your strands work hard for you, it’s time to cut ‘em some slack.