Meet the 22-Year-Old Makeup Artist Who Was BTS at Savage x Fenty Vol. 2

"The makeup left me speechless."

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Although it's only been three years since former MAC store employee Scott Osbourne Jr., then just 19 years old, took a leap of faith and moved to Los Angeles from Baltimore, Maryland, it has certainly paid off.

Osbourne Jr., now 22, not only aligned with rapper Rico Nasty following his big move, but also women like Beyoncé, Keke Palmer, Saweetie, and many more. Osborne’s electrifyingly bold and precise makeup application is constantly pushing the boundaries, so much so that his technique is now known as “the Scott edit” — a phrase he dreamt up after recognizing his own fearless creativity and skill with makeup. It has quickly catapulted him to the top.

From working on Disney’s Black Is King to becoming a mentee to iconic makeup artist Sir John, Scott has had an otherworldly experience in the beauty industry in a short time. And he’s just getting started.

He pulls inspiration from the ‘90s while adding futuristic, colorful flare to his clients' looks — and the boldness in his craft caught the attention of music icon and fashion mogul, Rihanna.

In early September, Priscilla Ono, Fenty Beauty’s global makeup artist and one of Rih’s go-tos, reached out to Osborne via Instagram and asked him to be a part of this year’s Savage x Fenty Show. Ono, along with Hector Espinal, fellow global makeup artist for the brand, created each look and led makeup direction for the show.

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He tells InStyle that Savage x Fenty Vol. 2, which is now streaming on Amazon, was the biggest production he has worked on so far. “It felt like a film,” he shares.

But despite all the accolades and early success, his main goal has always stayed the same: helping Black women continue to be in the spotlight. “They are the blueprint,” he says. "Black women are everything," he says, adding that they've been the it girls in every sector of the industry, from being video vixens to walking Chanel runways.

Here, we caught up with Scott to talk more about his time working with both Rihanna and Beyoncé, the looks he crafted for the Savage x Fenty show, and who he wants to work with next.

InStyle: You're only 22 and have already worked on set with Beyoncé for Black Is King, and now Rihanna for Savage x Fenty. How does it all feel?

Scott Osbourne Jr.: Life has been a really amazing experience for me. I got into fashion at such a young age because my mom is a model and I was always surrounded by fashion and makeup. For me to be only 22 years old and already have worked with Beyoncé on Black Is King and now, Rihanna for Savage X Fenty, I just want to work with really strong and liberated women. I knew I had this under my belt, it is just mind-blowing to see it coming together.

Walk us through your entire experience on set the Savage x Fenty set.

The production was really amazing, it felt like a movie. The cameras and how they have to get all their different angles and really make it an entire full-length film was insane to witness in person. We all met in the big hair and makeup room, I was able to see the different cover artists. It was very mysterious, very inclusive. Rihanna gives you that sexy, sultry, high fashion aspect. There were so many different details going into the makeup. There were so many dancers and models that really contributed to this entire production and show.

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Explain some of your favorite makeup looks that Hector and Priscilla crafted for the Savage x Fenty Show Vol. 2.

[I did] intricate line work by following different facial patterns and shapes for various dancers and models by accentuating their features. All of the different colors paired with the different lines gave off this hitting effect that made everything very glowy and fresh.

Last year, Rihanna’s Savage x Fenty show featured an elaborate set design. How did this year's scene mesh with the makeup?

The set design was next level and really put the entire show together. Seeing Rihanna’s entrance was the most amazing thing I've ever seen. The makeup left me speechless. She looked incredible, the final look was immaculate. I saw so many different moguls and fashionistas from every different generation. Everything was really insane and it was really cool to just see how Rihanna turned her vision into a reality, to see the dancers unfolding into these intense dance scenes.

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You've worked with so many contemporary stars of this generation. Looking to the future, who is your next dream client?

I really would love to work with Naomi Campbell.

You look at Black women as your muses. Why do you believe using them as your canvas is so important?

They don't get the same equal opportunities as others in any way, shape, or form. I can come in and change that — I will. Black women are the blueprint.

This interview has been edited and condensed for clarity.

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