Sarah Hyland Revealed the Meaning Behind Her "Follow My Heartbeat" Tattoo

Sarah Hyland
Photo: Steve Granitz/WireImage

The latest celebrity ink to know about? The new tattoo comes by the way of Modern Family's Sarah Hyland, but we should mention it isn't the first time she's been inked. The actress actually has a hummingbird tattooed behind her ear, and it's reportedly a symbol of her independence and resilience.

So what's the addition all about? Today she revealed the inspiration behind the tattoo that she apparently got this past January at LA's famous Shamrock Social Club Studio. Eight months later and she's letting us in on the secret!

The tattoo is placed on her ribcage and reads, "Follow my heartbeat."

If you're wondering why she is posting a photo of it months after she got it, know the art has a lot to do with one of her work projects—the musical Hair, which Hyland performed in alongside Kristen Bell exactly two years ago at the Hollywood Bowl.

"I figured it would be nice to finally post it. Thank you @adamshankman for changing my life and helping me know that all I need is within me. #selflove" Hyland captioned the shot.

How beautiful is that?!

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