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A lot can happen in two minutes. You can sing a Britney Spears song in full, make a Keurig coffee, stalk the entire Instagram feed of your high school ex-boyfriend's new girlfriend, place a dinner order on Seamless, or swipe left on 20 people on Tinder—possibly all at once. Within that time frame, one bottle of Sally Hansen's Miracle Gel in Terra-Coppa will have been purchased by someone in the United States.

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The Miracle Gel line in particular has been a bestseller for the brand, and since the color launched back in 2014, over 32 million bottles of Terra-Coppa have been sold. Between the shatter-proof finish, and the warm, flattering bronze tone, we can definitely see why. We love how the color packs serious shimmer, but doesn't veer into the glitter-packed middle school lacquer category.

It's estimated that roughly 10% of the U.S. population owns a bottle, so if you have yet to become part of that number, get thee to target.com stat and pick one up for $8.