I Test Hundreds of Beauty Products a Month, and I'm Blown Away by This New Buttery Smooth Concealer

I didn’t believe in concealer until I tried this just-launched formula. 

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I'm a Beauty Writer and For The First Time In My life I've Found a Concealer That Makes Foundation Moot
Photo: Saie

I have never in my life, beauty career included, added a concealer into my routine. They simply never work for me. The formulas I've tried have been chalky (regardless of the shade), with a thick texture and patchy finish, not to mention, they settle poorly into my skin. The most glaring and common issue I've come across is that the formulas simply don't look like my skin — I can't use a concealer to hide certain spots or even out parts of my complexion because it sits on my face, achingly visible. All of this has made me skeptical and pessimistic about concealers, so you can trust my enthusiasm when I say I was absolutely floored by Saie's Hydrabeam concealer that just launched today.

The brand gifted me two of the range's nine shades ahead of the official launch, and while one was admittedly too orange, the HB two shade was a perfect match. I swiped it under both eyes and blended with my fingers, and almost instantly, it looked and felt like it melted into my skin. Covering up the bags under my eyes was one thing, but the real test was seeing if it could seamlessly cover the redness and dark spots dotting my face in a way that looked natural.

Tamimi Selfie

Before and after using Saie Hydrabeam.

In the above photos, I applied Hydrabeam on my nose, the area between my eyebrows, and on the dark spots dotting my chin and upper lip. In my opinion, my complexion looks as good as if I had a full face of foundation on, even though I had only targeted certain spots. You can't tell where the concealer stops and my skin starts (my usual issue) and my skin tone looks even and radiant. And although I love a full face of makeup in certain situations, I appreciated the lightweight texture of the formula and the fact that I didn't need to apply a lot — it's going to be perfect for hot and humid summer days.


Shop now: $26; saiehello.com

Most importantly, I love having a small tube I can take with me virtually anywhere and touch up as needed without committing to a full face of makeup. In the week since I've started using the Hydrabeam concealer, I haven't reached for my foundation once. The product just launched today, so head to Saie to find your shade and see if you agree with me.

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