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Ryan Reynolds - Lead
Credit: Jun Sato/Getty Images

I know a decent amount about Ryan Reynolds. I know he stars in Deadpool. I know Aviation Gin (the gin brand he owns) is pretty damn good. I know he’s married to my own personal hair icon, Blake Lively. I also know he loves to troll her on Instagram.

What I didn’t know was that his approach to skincare was so nonchalant.

"Your readers are going to tune right out when they hear from me — I don’t have a skincare routine," Reynolds told me after I started quizzing him about everything he applies to his face. I am a beauty editor, after all. I was surprised: In a world where celebrities have access to $1,000 24-karat gold facials and often even launch their own lines with award-winning dermatologists, (here’s looking at you Seacrest), Reynolds doing little in terms of skincare seemed unlikely.

"I don’t really use much unless it’s like a bone-dry, freezing New York Day, I’ll put something on. My wife catches me because it’s often a body moisturizer. I’m using the wrong thing for the wrong body part,” he said.

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And yes, he admits said moisturizer only comes out of Blake Lively’s stash.

Personally, I consider Reynolds’ product snatching further proof that Lively is actually chill as hell in real life. Well, that and the fact that she’s cool with her husband’s regular Instagram trolling. While he might not be known for a 10-step skincare routine, the actor is known for an Instagram prank. He famously cut out Lively’s face in a post dedicated to her birthday, among other hilarious comment exchanges.

So, with eight minutes of Reynolds’ undivided attention in my possession, I had to ask him more about his personal Instagram usage habits.

As for his favorite accounts to follow when he's not trolling his wife? "At the time of this writing, I miss Cardi B. Maybe it’ll be back. I just love Humans of New York. That’s a fun one," he revealed.

And apparently, Reynolds is just now getting clued in on the concept of "finstas” — aka, fake Instagram accounts that teenagers use to hide “real” posts from their parents.

"I have nieces and nephews, and I follow some of them," he said. "I realize that they don’t post that much, and that’s because I realized they have fucking fake accounts somewhere. I’m looking at the one that their parents are looking at. You know, it’s a mental note I’m making for when my children grow up and say, 'I want an Instagram account.' I’m going to make sure there’s only one."

And while you won’t catch Reynolds watching beauty vlogs on IG (or catching beauty brand finstas), he isn’t totally out of touch with what’s happening in beauty.

In fact, he’s the new face of the men’s designer fragrance Armani Code Absolu, a new take on the classic Code scent with updated notes of apple, vanilla, and suede. Reynolds describes it as “warm” and “pleasing" — basically, the opposite of the overpowering, room-clearing scent your high school boyfriend used to douse himself in.

While Reynold’s skincare routine might be a little noncommittal, but his fragrance tastes, are certainly good enough to score a campaign and his own commercial.

You can purchase Armani Code Absolu now on giorgioarmanibeauty-usa.com.