"Jeah," you got that right. 
Ryan Lochte
Credit: ryanlochte/instagram

The Rio Olympics are in full swing and team USA is racking up gold medals faster than you can say 'Jeah,' and that is especially true for our swimmers. But their speed is not the only thing that has made the news recently. We are talking about the curious case of Ryan Lochte's hair suddenly turning green (and we are pretty sure it's not on purpose—yet it still works.)

Lochte, who actually dyed his hair light blue for the Olympics, showed up for one of the races sporting the minty-green shade and we may have an idea what happened.

As you may have probably heard, one of the pools at Rio 2016 also changed its color from blue to similar green due to "a chemical imbalance."

See where we are going with this? Well sort-of. Chlorine is probably to blame for ruining Lochte's light blue shade and turning it green. Because as anyone who has dabbled with peroxide will tell you, chlorine is pretty much a one-way ticket to turning your hair green, if you are, perhaps not so naturally blonde.

On the bright side though, now the color matches his superhero worthy speed in the swimming pool. Not to mention, he's got Mer-man hair, which is TOO appropriate. So, even if it was accidental, it couldn't be more perfect.