"Trippy hair for trippy times."


Ruby Rose's latest hair transformation also happens to be her boldest. On Friday, the actress took to Instagram to debut her new dye job, and it has fans doing a double triple-take. "Trippy hair for trippy times," she fittingly captioned a photo of her shaved head looking like a human kaleidoscope.

In the snap, Ruby's hair is colored in an array of zig-zagging rainbow swirls, and her followers began to wonder if their eyes were playing tricks on them. "I really had to exit the page and come back to make sure I wasn't trippin out," wrote one user, while another questioned if her new appearance was actually the work of a fancy filter: "Is that real or is it that filter that gave me purple hair and freckles?"

FYI — it's the real deal.

Ruby shared the step-by-step process on her IG Stories, which began with a fresh buzz cut. Next, an artist painted the bright shades by hand into an optical illusion-like pattern, and then after a quick wash, she was ready to go.

This isn't the first time Ruby has made a major hair change during quarantine. In May, Ruby dyed one side of her head blue, and the other pink. "What can I say!? Sometimes you just need to feel blue and other times you need pink to lighten your day," she said of the risky look. Then, two months later, she colored her hair purple and included a cool geometric design.

In response to Ruby's recent hair evolution, one fan wrote: "We need a 'how it started, how it ended' meme for this," The amount of times you’ve done something with your hair during this quarantine...is honestly a mood so please, give me more ideas." Seconding that!