They're so close, they even share lipstick.

By Dianna Mazzone
Updated Apr 30, 2019 @ 9:00 am
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Credit: Matt Sayles

Actresses Rowan Blanchard and Barbie Ferreira were Internet friends before they bonded IRL. Today the two are so close, they share everything from self-care tips to Chanel lipstick. Here, they let us listen in on their latest beauty chat...

Rowan Blanchard: I followed you [on social media] for a long time because I thought you were really cool and pretty.

Barbie Ferreira: Aw! We were Internet friends before we met on your birthday. You have amazing style. And your new haircut changed my life.

RB: I cut my hair on New Year’s Eve. It was a spur-of-the-moment decision.

BF: I feel like it’s brought so much boss-bitch energy. Like, people can’t mess with you now.

RB: Thank you! When I look in the mirror I really feel the most in my skin that I’ve ever felt. And I feel like it’s because my hair is cut off, which is interesting.

BF: I cut my hair because I was building this character for [the HBO drama series] Euphoria. I’ve been wanting to chop it off for so long, but I couldn’t because of modeling. It was just something I never even thought I had control over.

RB: For me, the complicated thing with beauty is the public part. That’s made it a bit harder to live out my identity as easily, because it’s being consumed by other people.

BF: It’s scary to have other people’s gaze on you.

Credit: barbieferreira/Instagram

RB: It was something I was dealing with when I was really young, starting when I did Girl Meets World. All of a sudden my life was public in a way it had never been before. Now I can wear whatever I want — I was definitely more sensitive about it then. I really like how I dress, so if somebody says something, I don’t care.

BF: People can read when you’re confident in yourself.

RB: You just have to know if what you’re doing makes you feel good in your body. Like, since I cut my hair, I’ve felt more comfortable at every single event I’ve attended because [it’s] how I want to look.

BF: There are a lot of people who go with public opinion all the time, and it’s boring to watch. I think makeup is like putting on a costume; it’s just fun. But it’s also fun to not wear it sometimes, depending on your mood. It’s not a crutch; it’s more like a creative expression.

Credit: rowanblanchard/Instagram

RB: When we hang out, we put on really crazy looks. You do my makeup!

BF: I have to admit there’s this one Chanel lipstick you left at my house that I have been wearing — just letting you know.

RB: I love that. Just recently I’ve learned how to do my makeup sort of well.

BF: Sis, you’re killing it.

RB: I’ve been trying so hard! Makeup has been making me feel like I have armor over me. It’s been comforting.

BF: I feel like that’s how we as people protect ourselves — we put on a crazy eye just to go to the grocery store. That’s what makes us happy.

RB: I always see you wearing really good makeup, and I’m like, “OK, I want to do that.” It’s cool to watch someone who’s slightly older than me learn [how to] feel really good in their skin — and then I can learn too. I don’t feel like I fully know myself yet. But I think comfort has come not out of being 100 percent sure but out of [knowing] that I’m working on getting there.

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BF: I’ve really learned the importance of taking care of and listening to yourself. I love to spread the word. I’m, like, the 22-year-old wise woman!

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