After liking nearly 300 variations of "good vibes only" posts and tributes on Instagram, I assigned myself a project to practice the Pinterest-winning phrase in real life. I’ve been disciplined about incorporating mindfulness and personal acceptance in my day, I’ve tried to up my meditation practice to at least three times a week, and instead of picking at my face during stressful situations, I’m trying to count to 10 and breathe deeply. Trust me when I say it’s a work in progress.

But I also added one more element to my cleansing task—my apartment.

I’m not talking KonMari or feng shui, but disinfecting my space of bad vibes and negative energy in a different way. The ancient ceremonial practice of smudging, or burning sage, immediately came to mind, but I decided to do it through a plethora of aromatherapy and room sprays that landed on my desk.

While I’ve used to home scent diffusers to fill my tiny Manhattan space with sweet smells and notes of bergamot and lavender and have a horseshoe over my apartment door for good luck, this time, I simply opted for products that claimed to clear out the tainted energy of a space and the auric field around the body.

Room Spray Gif

The two products I used? Tony and Tiny Healthy Aura Room Spray ($43; and Captain Blankenship’s New Moon Smokeless Smudge Spray ($30;

Each night for a week, I spritzed my living room, hallways, bathroom, and bedroom an hour or so before going to bed. First, I wanted to see if it would help my mind stop wandering endlessly as I tried to fall asleep. Second, I wanted to see if it helped my moods overall. We were clearing out the space from all the junk, right?

Monday through Friday, I alternated between the two products and started off with Captain Blankenship. The product was created as a smokeless alternative to smudging and is made with Palo Santo and white sage essential oils, similar to what’s used during the ancient ceremonial practice, to purify the space. The brand also added in ruby red grapefruit and mood-boosting orange essential oils, as well as cade essential oil. Overall, it has a strong herbal, smoky smell.

"I used to love to smudge my home with white sage and Palo Santo," explained the founder Jana Blankenship. "Once I had kids, I did not want smoke in our home and I formulated the New Moon Smokeless Smudge Spray as an alternative. "The result it a blend of herbaceous, woody, and bright citrus scent to cleanse your space and clear negative energy. You can spray on yourself, in your home, office or anywhere that needs some good vibrations."

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After spritzing this through my apartment, I wouldn’t necessarily say I’d want to wear the scent as my signature, but I like the earthy fragrance that wafts through my apartment. The routine of walking into each room with the intent of clearing the space makes me feel at ease. The routine is what I found most calming on the days I used this product, but I’m sure the therapeutic benefits of the oils helped.

The Healthy Aura Room Spray had a slightly different effect. A little goes a long way, so I definitely sprayed way too much the first time I distributed this scent throughout my space, and I had to open my windows to get a little circulation going because it was too much to take.

On the product’s site, it’s described as being beneficial in repairing the "auric field for a sense of lightness; well-being," as well as releasing stagnant energy, allowing positive energy to flow to us, and blocking negative energy.

Inside the bottle is a clear quartz crystal that promotes auric field radiance. Made with lavender and bergamot oil, it’s relaxing and healing in nature and does have a spa-like scent that made me feel a little more chilled out than normal.

After releasing seven sprays around my bed way going overboard, as the week went on, I gave each room about two spritzes before finishing my bedtime beauty routine and getting under the blankets.

Did my apartment bring me joy? Did my annoyance over my slow-draining kitchen sink suddenly disappear? Nah. But I will say, spending the week going through a routine with the hope that it would bring relaxation did make me feel slightly more positive, even when things weren’t going my way.

Will I keep it up? You bet, and I’m going to start asking my friends for their best crystal suggestions to up the feel-good ante.