This Retinol Replacement Makes Lines and Dark Patches "Disappear"
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Reviewers Say This Retinol Replacement Makes Lines and Dark Patches "Disappear"

With none of the harsh side effects.
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You, your mother, and your grandmother probably all heard it, and may have said it: Beauty is pain. I'm no historian, but it seems like a saying that could've originated when face powders were laced with arsenic, and it could equally apply to bikini waxes. But these days, anti-aging, at least, doesn't have to entail warding off retinol-induced irritation. 

A new wave of ingredients promise the effects that make retinol a revered anti-ager, without the dry skin, flaking, and aggravation that the dermatologist-favorite can bring. Like bakuchiol, the black-jack extract in Ren's Bio Retinoid Youth Serum gives you smoother skin without the pain; researchers dub the extract's effects "similar to or better than those produced by retinol and retinoic acid" thanks to its ability to increase skin's growth factors and trigger retinoid receptors. 

And according to people who've tried the serum, the results "really are amazing at reducing fine lines and wrinkles." As one person wrote, "I've been using the serum for a week before bedtime, and I wake up with glowing skin. The serum has worked its magic, and my frown lines have all but faded." Others echo the finding, writing that their dark patches and age spots are likewise shrinking.

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On top of the black-jack extract (scientific name: Bidens Pilosa. Patriotic, no?), a medley of ingredients come in to give those consequences. Niacinamide is at least partially responsible for the brightening, while squalane, rose oil, cranberry seed oil, murumuru seed butter, hyaluronic acid, cotton seed oil, and vitamin E contribute a profound wash of moisture. Arginine plumps skin as lactic acid gently resurfaces it, and beta-carotene and xanthophylls, another carotenoid, add antioxidants

Considering the parts at work, it's no wonder customers say a tiny amount of the serum goes a long way — and they see "smoother, firmer" skin within a matter of weeks, if not days. "Skin has become smoother, pores are less visible, wrinkles on my forehead and around my mouth have diminished quite a lot," wrote someone going on seven days with the serum. "I can also see that my cheeks are less saggy." 

Another reviewer said that within a two-week span, they've seen better results than from an entire year of using another high-end brand's serum. "Lines around my eyes seem reduced, and my skin is so much softer." As a last person wrote, "I'm very happy with the results using this new retinol serum. It has all the effects one wants from retinol (smoother, brighter, plumper skin), but none of the harsh side effects."

They continued: "I've been using it morning and night for four weeks, and have received so many compliments on how youthful I look (often from people who don't normally notice!). I can see the difference myself. I love the unassuming smell, non-greasy texture, and the fact that it's wholly naturally derived. An absolute must-have...I intend never to be without it." 

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