Shoppers Say This 'Magic Brush' Keeps Hair Loss at a Minimum

Step aside, “life-sucking black hole of chaos” tangles.

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Shoppers Say This 'Magic Brush' Keeps Hair Loss at a Minimum
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The last time an Amazon hair tool truly surprised me, it was the Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer and Volumizer in 2019. Given that I had some meh experiences with paddle brush straighteners and a traumatic wet-to-dry flat iron in my youth, I was ready to write the tool off as a gimmick. Lo and behold, I loved it — and two years later,the Revlon hot brush is still a best-seller on Amazon. And judging by another set of glowing reviews, another ingenious hair tool is about to join the ranks.

Remington's Wet or Dry Tame The Mane Electric Detangling Brush might look like a medieval flossing device, but shoppers say the vibrating hair tool is a gamechanger for tangle-prone hair and shoppers' sanity. One reviewer writes "words can't express" how amazing the electric brush is; their mind is so blown, they're buying 10 more in case they stop making them.

Despite some initial skepticism that it would finally solve their tangle problem, shoppers say it effortlessly detangles hair that's a "life-sucking black hole of chaos." The tool's earned over 3,500 five-star Amazon ratings, along with praise from those who say it's the best detangler they've come across in 40 years of natural hair. "The fallout was MINIMAL. I think it was 1/4 of what usually comes out when detangling," one more shopper seconds, with a photo of their drastically reduced hair fall.

Remington detangling brush

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A different shopper says the brush is a "miracle." Their hair once required 20 minutes of brushing to untangle, and they typically had to clean their brush three times in the process. "In less than five minutes, my entire head of hair was detangled," they write, "And I had not a single strand of hair that needed to be taken off the teeth of the brush."

They're not alone: More shoppers write that instead of losing a brush-full of hair every morning, they now only part with about five to 10 hairs, which is a major relief for those with thinning strands. Some said that though they used to lose enough hair to make a wig, the comb reduced breakage to "not even a handful."

One person testifies that it took their fiance's detangling process from three hours a week down to one, saving both time and frustration. And someone who previously had hair falling out in clumps says the comb not only does an excellent job of preventing hair loss, but gets the job done in a few minutes with no catches, knots, or pulling.

The tool even has shoppers discarding the time-honored advice to start detangling at the end of your hair — with it in hand, they can start detangling wherever they want (it's the little things). Parents of children with stubbornly tangled hair especially love it, calling it a "magic brush" that "virtually eliminates" one of the toughest hair problems. Kids with long, 4c curls get in on the compliments too, likewise calling it magic.

"Her hair can get some hellacious tangles, which don't phase this insanely amazing detangling brush," one parent writes. "It goes right through those tangles like they're not even there, with no yanking, no tugging, no tears, not one single 'ouch!!' I am in love!! This little gadget has taken what normally took me an hour down to a matter of minutes! I am not exaggerating. No way will we be without this."

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