Zoë Kravitz and Florence Pugh's Go-To Manicurist Says "Nothing Beats" This Game-Changing Cuticle Oil

Shoppers with “brittle and short” nails say they transform into long tips.

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Zoë Kravitz and Florence Pugh's Go-To Manicurist Says "Nothing Beats" This Game-Changing Cuticle Oil
Photo: zoeisabellakravitz/Instagram

After enough time in the beauty industry, the celebrity-adjacent world of hair, makeup, and nail professionals comes into focus (reason #19,329 celebrities look great). Nail artist Betina Goldstein has racked up a roster of full-stop cool girls like Zoë Kravitz and Florence Pugh, so when Goldstein filled her Instagram followers in on her secret to nice, hi-res-ready cuticles the other day, I took screengrabs aplenty.

In response to a follower asking about the best cuticle oil, Goldstein responded, "Nothing beats 100 percent pure vitamin E oil in my opinion. Apply and massage to nails and cuticles as an overnight treatment and in the morning before you leave your house," and added a recommendation for RejuveNaturals Vitamin E Oil. "If you have super dry skin, bring it with you and apply a drop with moisturizer after washing hands. I promise it's a game changer."

Joshua Zeichner, M.D., the director of cosmetic and clinical research in dermatology at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City, previously told InStyle that the ingredient is an oil-based vitamin, "so it's particularly useful in treating dry and aging skin." Science-wise, it neutralizes free radical damage to protect skin from UV light exposure, and on the surface, it brightens and evens out skin tone — so if you've shirked putting sunscreen on your hands for years or are a gel manicure devotee, Goldstein's recommendation is definitely for you.

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Shoppers on Amazon say the vitamin E oil has had an exceptional effect on their dry hands and cuticles. "Just a little droplet of the oil on several fingers, two to three times per week at bedtime, produces consistent and amazing results," one reviewer writes. "Much better than the various hand lotions I tried before someone suggested vitamin E oil. Wish I'd known about how great this is long ago."

On top of neat, smooth cuticles, the oil paves the way for healthy nails. "My nails were brittle and very short," writes another. "I saw a lot of info about vitamin E oil, so I gave it a shot... two months later, my nails seem to be growing too fast now, [and] they look so much healthier." One shopper even reports that after fighting toenail fungus for years, RejuveNaturals' oil is helping more than any prescription, over-the-counter, or home remedies they've tried; their take is seconded by a registered nurse doing the same thing.

On Instagram, Goldstein mentioned that she also mixes her vitamin E oil with Augustinus Bader face cream for extra hydration on her face and neck, but you can add it to whatever you have on hand. "All around love this! The dark spots on my face are fading," writes a reviewer who adds it to their daily moisturizer. "My complexion is looking better day by day." A 69-year-old fan says the oil "keeps you young" and wrinkle-free, and presumably other shoppers say it shrinks scars and acne.

"This is the best vitamin E oil I've ever used," writes a last shopper of the "miracle oil." "It also helps with hair thickness and hair growth. I couldn't believe it. My edges have finally started growing after so many years, and my hair is softer. I rub some on my face at night and it is shrinking my pores, WHAT?" Again, science backs up the effects: Dermatologist and hair restoration expert Dr. Michele Green previously told InStyle that vitamin E's antioxidants can protect against hair loss, stimulate capillary growth in your scalp, and reduce damage done by environmental free radicals.

Listen, a product doesn't become a top-ranked Amazon face oil without being multifaceted. Get the pro-loved nail, face, and hair oil to see those benefits yourself.

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