By Wendy Rose Gould
Updated May 11, 2016 @ 6:20 am
Getty Images

It's not everyday someone whips out a weaving loom, especially when said loom is used to craft a roll-up cosmetic brush holder. Reddit user JulesOnFire did just that, though.

She posted pictures from the final part of the weaving process to the makeupaddiction subreddit, and commenters fangirled at appropriate levels. Top commenter missmex pleaded with JulesOnFire to start an Etsy shop, and user Blipblipbloop wrote, "When you said wove I was thinking those crappy plastic looms that you buy kids and weave crappy potholders on or something. Amazing job!"

I think we're all in agreement with out awesome this is. Here are a couple images from the process:

Says JulesOnFire: "Here it is with all the weaving finished still on the loom. First picture is from above of the strap I wove along with extra warp (the warns that stretch vertically on the loom) and second picture is from below (with the fabric wrapped around the bar)."

She goes on to explain the different weave methods she used in order to create the base and the loops that hold each brush.

Take a look at the final product. Pretty rad, right?