By Dianna Mazzone
Updated Sep 08, 2017 @ 9:15 am
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Marcelo Krasilcic/Serlin Associates

Ask your weekend brunch crew about their favorite mascara, and chances are you’ll still be in a heated debate 20 minutes later. That’s the thing about beauty products—everyone’s got an opinion.

So, dear readers, we wanted to give you a chance to voice yours. Cue our first-ever Readers’ Choice Awards, where you get to select the best new beauty products of the year. Our editors sorted, sniffed and sampled their way through thousands of submissions and narrowed the list down to 32 categories and 168 nominees. Then, we put it to a vote on

We counted each and every response (including write-ins!), and now, we’re pleased to present you with 39 winning products. (Think long-wear nail polish that just won’t quit, a supersonic hair dryer and an eye cream with instant results. And that’s just the highlight reel!)

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