Reapplying Your Sunscreen On-The-Go Just Got SO Much Easier

Photo: Art by Elysia Berman

You know those days when you're on-the-go and you barely have time for anything more than a little powder touch-up for your face? Yeah, same. But that's great, because now when you go do that powder touch-up, you can re-apply your SPF. Two birds, one stone. Can I get an amen? Indeed. And that's why we included this gem of a product in our May beauty bag. Read on to find out why it's so baller:

What It's Called:

Colorescience Mineral Sunscreen Brush

How Much It Will Set You Back:

That really cute, slinky top from Reformation or...SPF 30 is $57, SPF 50 is $64

What Makes It Special:

Chemical-free (zinc and titanium) sunscreen in a dry, mess-free powder

Who’s It For?

Anyone looking for a better way to protect their skin from the burning and aging effects of the sun

When to Use It:

Did you know you should be reapplying sunscreen at least every 2 hours? This powder sunscreen in a self-dispensing brush makes it easy and mess-free to stay protected all day by applying to bare skin or directly over your makeup.

What It Feels Like:

It feels like a touch-up powder, but with the added benefit of SPF 30 or 50 sun protection.

What It Smells Like:

Does not have a scent.

What the Experts Are Saying:

“I’m always telling patients to reapply sunscreen every two hours, but it’s so hard to do. This makes it easy.” - Dr. Annie Chiu in InStyle magazine

What The Internet Is Saying:

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