All the Celebrity Beauty Pros Giving Their Expert Tips Away for Free on Instagram

Top wellness and beauty experts share their thoughts on how to take care and carry on.

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Whether you’re working from home, commuting in isolation, or trying to plot the future, one thing is certain: We’re all doing our best to figure out a healthyish new normal. A bright spot amid all of this gloom? Many of the beauty experts we love are getting creative and finding new ways to share their skills from afar. Hairstylist Harry Josh teamed up with John Frieda to deliver virtual video consultations that are open to those who apply via Instagram. Stylist Adir Abergel also appeared on the platform with a long blond wig to demonstrate how easy it is to trim your hair at home. “People are wanting positivity right now, not perfection,” Abergel says. To that end, he’s invited friends who are massage therapists or financial wizards on his social channels to offer advice: “My accountant was on my Instagram Live to show how people in our industry can save money for the future,” he says. “When I can be of service, I feel more connected and less isolated.”

Hairstylist Chris McMillan is noticing that people’s needs are changing as time goes on. “By the third or fourth week [in quarantine], everyone was going nuts over their grays,” he says. “So my salon has been really hands-on in making color kits.” Just because you can’t visit your regular pro doesn’t mean you can’t stay in touch: In addition to doing instructional Instagram posts, McMillan has invited his followers to DM him for more personalized tips. “Your colorist might be sitting at home right now — the lines of communication are open, so take advantage.” He suggests picking up a peroxide-free, semipermanent box dye on one of your trips to the grocery store. “Just don’t make any drastic changes,” he says. “This is not a time to be like, ‘Oh, I think I want bangs.'"

Whatever maintenance you’re willing to put in, remember that a little self-care goes a long way. This idea has always resonated with entrepreneur Sarah Gibson Tuttle, founder of the Olive & June salons and nail-care line: “In college, classes were a totally different experience when I wore sweats versus when I wore an outfit,” she says. “When I was dressed up, I took better notes and was more engaged. I felt present and ready.” Gibson Tuttle, who conducted a survey of more than 200 women last year and found that 98% reported feeling better when their nails were done, now takes her Instagram followers through a daily DIY mani boot camp. “Our fans asked us for it,” she says. “People wanted to learn how to paint their own nails. It’s become this fun, community-based activity that’s a part of my everyday routine. It’s helped bring me focus and balance.”

Katie Jane Hughes, known for sharing her vibrant makeup tutorials on Instagram, continues to preach the power of lipstick. “I can be feeling one way in the morning, and then I’ll put on my makeup and feel like a totally different character,” she says. “It not only affects my mood but also the mood of everyone around me.”

If you’re feeling way too stressed to bother with blush — understandably so — there are other options. Aesthetician and wellness guru Tammy Fender has begun hosting live 10-minute meditations that her followers are invited to call into. Meditation not your thing? Try massaging your cheeks and jawline with a smooth crystal, or even just doing a light tapping motion around your temples with your fingers. “It helps release anxiety and tension,” Fender says.

So while we may not be in the literal hands of our favorite beauty pros at the moment, we will be again soon. In the meantime, you know where to find them. “We really need the human connection right now,” McMillan says. “And if a trim is going to make you feel a bit better, then just go for it!”


On his Instagram, @mrchrismcmillan, you’ll get bang-trimming tips, product picks, and glimpses of his dog, Buster.

Beauty Feature: Pro Tips - Chris McMillan
Courtesy Chris McMillan


The Florida-based aesthetician promotes massage to increase circulation and relieve tension.

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Get a daily dose of makeup inspiration on Hughes’s Instagram, @KatieJaneHughes.

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Courtesy Katie Jane Hughes

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Beauty Feature: Pro Tips - Katie Jane Hughes
Courtesy Katie Jane Hughes


Keep an eye on @hairbyadir for easy steps to cut your hair at home, plus expert advice from other wellness professionals.

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Courtesy Adir Abergel
Beauty Feature: Pro Tips - Adir Abergel
Courtesy Adir Abergel


On her Instagram, @oliveandjune, you’ll spot the nail salon owner hosting live mani-boot-camp tutorials every day.

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Courtesy Sarah Gibson Tuttle

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