Amazon Shoppers Say This Dermatologist-Approved Biotin Serum Is Better Than Rogaine

People whose hair hadn’t grown in 10 years say it changed everything.

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Shoppers Call This Amazon Hair Growth Serum a 'Miracle' for 'Crazy Shedding'
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Going on over a year inside and not much to show for it (grand plans to exercise and/or bake bread every week, who?), one skill we've definitely honed is discerning Amazon buys that really work. What else is there to do but read through 9,000 ratings while we wait for the vaccine to roll out? Cry? More than enough time for both, especially when it comes to a product like Pureauty Naturals' Biotin Hair Growth Serum. Because if you don't have energy for personal growth, at least your hair growth can carry the baton.

And that it does, according to more than 5,000 five-star Amazon ratings awarded for its ability to regrow hair even in nearly bald spots after a month of use. Shoppers say it makes a huge difference in their hair's strength and thickness, rescuing thinning hairlines from intense shedding and encouraging growth like a "miracle serum."

Prior to trying the Pureauty formula, one person says that nothing seemed to help their drain-clogging hair loss. Within two weeks, the cycle turned around: "The results are AMAZING! I legit only had like two strands fall out per shower." They continue, "The only downside: I didn't find this product sooner. I could not be happier. Thank you so much to whoever made this. You literally saved my depressed soul from losing my hair."

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Another shopper says the serum returned their ability to put their hair in a ponytail, and someone else writes that after years of trying remedies like minoxidil and DHT blockers, the serum gave results that made them a convert. Reading through the endless glowing reviews, it seems like the positives are boundless. A shopper who lost a ton of hair after giving birth says they're "finally noticing a difference," while someone with stress-induced hair loss writes that they're amazed at the transformation. "I can no longer see my scalp through my hair. My edges are thicker and I can actually create cute styles."

Shoppers note that their hair growth is concrete at a month, but they noticed hair loss decreasing after just a week. So what's the magic behind the miracle? We sent the formula over to cosmetic dermatologist Dr. Michele Green, a hair restoration expert, and got her analysis on the ingredients.

Per Green, the serum bottles a number of growth-inspiring elements, like biotin, glycerin, lactic acid, vitamin E, squalane, and ubiquinone. Biotin shows up in most hair growth formulas because it improves the durability, strength, and elasticity of existing hair while invigorating new growth and minimizing shedding, and vitamin E, "chock full" of antioxidants that protect against hair loss, stimulates capillary growth in your scalp and reduces damage done by environmental free radicals.

On a more granular level, Green says ubiquinone, also known as coenzyme Q10, helps combat the aging process for individual hair follicles, stimulating the genetic expression of hair keratins that start to deplete as we age and leading to younger, healthier, shinier-looking hair. The combination has shoppers begging Pureauty to never change the ingredients, and giving others the head's up that this is the real deal. "To anyone out there who suffers from hair loss, don't give up! Give this product a try. It may just be the miracle you have been waiting for."

Before-and-after photos demonstrate the major length shoppers gain in record time, and even people who say they haven't needed a haircut in 10 years write that after trying the serum, their hair spurted multiple inches. Those with lupus say it halted their breakage and led to thickening, and someone who says a steroid course threw off their thyroid adds that within a week of use, their hair stopped "falling out like crazy."

Another person "desperate" to reverse their chemo-thinned hair says their hair loss is now so minimal, the results are "hard to believe." But by all accounts it doesn't much matter what's behind the hair loss — the Pureauty's hydrators, including the glycerin and squalane mentioned above, keep your scalp optimally moisturized regardless. As the last person concludes: "Thank you, little bottle of serum."

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