“I'll never use smelly, drying, stinging, toxic polish removers again.”
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Nail Polish Remover
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Very few can say they actually like the smell of nail polish remover — the super strong, chemical-filled scent is pungent enough to linger for hours after you’re done using it. Plus, acetone — the solvent most commonly used in nail polish removers — can dry out your nails and skin, which often leads to brittleness and breakage. While non-acetone removers can be tricky (since many don’t work as quickly or effectively), this natural nail polish remover from Amazon has won the hearts of many customers, who say it works just as well as regular remover.

The dropper-styled remover from Pure Vitality Beauty is plant-based and free of acetone, acetate, ethyl lactate, and petroleum chemicals, all of which can typically be found in both regular and non-acetone removers. It’s cruelty-free, safe to use during pregnancy, and will moisturize and strengthen your nails compared to other abrasive nail polish removers. Shoppers who have used the natural solvent are impressed with the state of their nails, compared to when they were using acetone.

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“My nails have never looked better. I just got into nail art, and I paint my nails 2 or 3 times a week. I don't believe I could do this with regular polish removers because of the breakage. Since using this polish remover, my nails do not get brittle like they do with regular nail polish remover,” wrote one customer. “Now, they are healthy. No more nail breaks. The polish is easy to remove. I usually have about 6 layers of polish including base and top coat.”

Pure Vitality Beauty’s Nail Polish Remover
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To buy: $13; amazon.com

While some reviewers say the product does take just a bit longer to remove polish than usual (they recommend letting it sit on your nails for a few minutes before rubbing the polish off), customers say it’s definitely worth it for the amazing benefits sans harsh scent.

“This nail polish remover far exceeded my expectations. Even with all the positive reviews, some of the claims simply seemed too good to be true. I was hopeful, but I genuinely didn't expect it to work effectively AND not dry out my nails AND not have a foul odor. I am so pleased to say that this remover totally delivered,” another shopper wrote. “It's very easy to use and it leaves my nails feeling so healthy. With no stink and no nail damage, I can't imagine ever using a different polish remover again!”

If you’ve noticed your nails need a little TLC but you don’t want to risk damaging them with acetone, Pure Vitality Beauty’s natural nail polish remover is definitely worth trying out.