By Erin Lukas
Updated Apr 27, 2016 @ 8:15 am
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We’ve all been counting down the days until sandal season since temperatures first dipped below freezing, but if you’re anything like me, after spending months hibernating in socks and shoes, your feet are dry, cracked, covered in calluses, and all but ready to face the world.

First launched last fall as an economical alternative to the cult K-beauty favorite Baby Foot, PediSpa’s Gentle Exfoliating Foot Mask ($10; immediately caught my attention as a simple solution to my love-hate relationship with wearing open-toed footwear at the onset of spring. The mask is essentially a sheet mask for your feet that promises to shed away built up calluses and smooth cracked heels so your feet are left soft and smooth in three to five days following its use. Since I have sensitive skin, I erred on safe side and only left the socks on my feet for the minimum sixty minutes.


Just a like a face mask, PediSpa is an at-home treatment that requires little to no effort to use. Once you slip the boot-like masks onto clean feet, you simply have to sit with them on for sixty to ninety minutes and let the mask’s chamomile and natural fruit extracts work their callus-loosening magic as the treatment’s active ingredients, before rinsing off your feet.

I consciously knew I wouldn’t see instant results, I was hoping I’d see snake-like skin peeling shortly after using the mask. Although it never happened, I could see the calluses on the balls of my feet beginning to lift the next day. Sure enough, three days later the peeling started. PediSpa’s instructions advise not pulling at any pieces of loose skin like loose panels of wallpaper, so despite how tempting it was to do so, I practiced my best self-control and let my feet be. Five days later, my feet are still peeling but my calluses aren’t completely gone. However, my cracked heels are definitely smoother. Despite not being a cure-all for winter worn feet, the exfoliating foot mask is a good place to start giving your feet some TLC this spring now that you can no longer hide them.