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Mandy's Louis Vuitton Bag
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In Your Bag

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Grace's Kate Spade Bag

Grace's Kate Spade Bag
  • I bought my bag at a sample sale in the Hamptons.
  • Scarf: I always, always have a scarf in my bag!
  • Red leather envelope: I use this as my walletit carries cash, credit cards, ID and change so well!
  • Keychain: I love monogrammed stuff, so the big silver "g" is my favorite.
  • Tarte lip gloss in Lois and Clark: I LOVE the red gloss.
  • Red planner by Kate Spade: It keeps my life organizedI'd be an absolute MESS without it!
  • Cell phone: It's a basic Samsung but I'm dying for the new Blackberry Pearl.
  • Kate Spade makeup bag and MAC compact... an oldie but goodie.
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Rebecca's Hogan Bag

Rebecca's Hogan Bag
  • Wallet/clutch: I use it as my everyday wallet but it also converts nicely to something I can use by itself in the evening.
  • Purell hand sanitizer: I ride the train in NYC every day, enough said.
  • Matches: I don't smoke; I collect them so I always have a stash at home for lighting candles. I love candles!
  • Extra pair of earrings: Accessories make an outfit, and sometimes I'm running late (ok, always).
  • Rosebud salve: Great for dry lips and cuticles!
  • Valerie's Secret Weapon: People say I have perfect skinthis is why.
  • YSL concealer pen: Perfect for under the eyes and as a browbone highlighter.
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Rachel's Louis Vuitton Bag

Rachel's Louis Vuitton Bag
  • Black Coach wallet: In it is some cash, gift cards and change.
  • Pink ID holder by Juicy Couture: It was a gift from my mom.
  • Lip glosses: There are a trillion in there! I think my favorite is the MAC lipglass.
  • Pink RAZR phone: I LOVE it and it never diesmy favorite Coach antenna charm is on it.
  • Tide to Go: MANDATORY if you are wearing a lightcolored shirt!
  • Starbucks AfterCoffee Gum: Good even if you didn't just have coffee!
  • Mini Perfume: It came in an Estaee Lauder gift set. Pleasures Exotic is my favorite scent.
  • Mirror: also from Estaee Lauderit has some powder foundation in it.
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Polly's Maxximum Bag

Polly's Maxximum Bag

I love this suede bag because its eye-popping color brightens my mostly black wardrobe and it's roomy enough to qualify as luggage.
* Backstage passes. I was covering parties and shows during NY fashion week.
* I always feel chic when someone asks for my card and I whip out this Gucci card case. A girl can dream, can't she?
* That's an Emergen-C vitamin powder packet peeking out of my YSL wallet. It saved my health during a crazy week.
* The New York Times. Tuesday's Science section is my fave. I'm a nerd at heart.
* My digital recorder remembers celebrity quotes for me. But I have to confess that when I listened back, I sounded like a total kiss-up interviewing Rachel Bilson.

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Jenn's Chanel Bag

Jenn's Chanel Bag
  • I rely on my giant Chanel CoCo Cabana patent tote to get me from home to work to events and more.
  • I carry my digital camera with me at all timesI'm obsessed with snapping candids.
  • I adore my glittery pink Swarovski crystalencrusted RAZR cell phone-it has a sweet cherry blossom motif I designed myself!
  • A true beauty junkie, I always have a sizable stash of shimmery lip glosses with me for quick touchups.
  • I find that my triedand-true classic Louis Vuitton wallet (a gift from my mom) is the ultimate organizer for my credit cards, cash, ID and more.
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Erika's Emily The Strange Bag

Erika's Emily The Strange Bag

I'd been eyeing my bag for months and finally bought it. It's so awesome because I can carry EVERYTHING I need!
* Makeup: I love my Estaee Lauder eye shadow compact.
* Red leather clutch: A bargain find at Charlotte Russe-$3!
* Books: I've recently finished Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte.
* MP3 player: It only has 1 GB of space, but it gets the job done. My favorite band is AFI.
* Keys: Not just for my home, but for my percussion practice rooms.
* Planner: I usually remember what I need to do but writing it down helps.
* Journal: I write as much as I read and practice. I always have a journal on me!

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Andrea's Sabina Bag

Andrea's Sabina Bag
  • My Gucci walletI've had it for years and it's still in good shape. It was a birthday present!
  • My key chaina longtime favorite that I bought at Cocinelle in Florence, Italy!
  • Ice Breakersmy favorite mints.
  • Musthave Bobbi Brown lipstick (rouge a levres).
  • A mirror...personalized with my initials.
  • My Samsung phonecan't leave home without it!
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Grace's Degas Bag

Grace's Degas Bag
  • Dr. Seuss journal
  • Bible (always with me)
  • Purple and red headbands
  • Big blue and small red bows (for the child in me)
  • Floral print wallet
  • Floralprint handkerchief (I'm a bit old fashioned)
  • Pink iPod Nano
  • Fender thin picks
  • Clear noaluminum deodorant
  • Blue comb (with heart handle)
  • Key chain that holds the keys to my house, a pocket knife and measuring tape
  • And last but not least, heartshaped scissors (I have no idea why they are in there)
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Sally's Hello Kitty Bag

Sally's Hello Kitty Bag

I love this bag! I've got so many Hello Kitty things because I work part-time at a Sanrio store.
* A magazine: It's always a fashion magazine. I happened to get the Your Look magazine that day!
* A pen: It has a green apple topper with a little bunny charm on it.
* Calculator.
* Mints and hand sanitizer (for obvious reasons).
* I LOVE long wallets, there's something so chic about them!
* A mini spiral notebook.
* Mascara and mirror.
* Cell phone and keys.
* Band-aid: Gotta have some kind of first-aid, right?

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Ivanka Trump's Armani Bag

Ivanka Trump’s Armani Bag
Time Inc. Digital Studio

Inside her bold purple crocodile bag by Giorgio Armani, the brainy beauty totes a few everyday essentials-like a leather-trimmed Hermaes keychain, her well-worn passport (she's sent it in twice to have additional pages added) and a good book-in this case Burr, a historical novel by Gore Vidal. "I don't like to waste time reading trash. I saw a documentary on the author and picked this up; I'm loving it!" says Trump. Last but not least, she can't leave home without her coveted Chanel lip gloss. "My lips are always chapped-probably from all my yapping-so I'm addicted to lip balms and glosses. I have, like, six in my bag-in similar colors. I just reach in and grab one."

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Jem's Baby Phat Bag

Jem's Baby Phat Bag

* Sephora makeup brush set
* Pink croc embossed leather book for inspirational notes and ideas
* Jessica Simpson's Dessert Beauty perfume in Vanilla Cupcake
* Rhinestone aviators for sunny days
* Colorful scarf and gold hoops
* Tarte cheek stains in Dollface and Tickled
* Pink glitter coin purse for credit cards and ID
* Casmir by Chopard perfume-my signature scent since the age of 15!
* Victoria's Secret Hair Shine Serum and hand and nail cream. Love V.S.
* The latest fashion mag, I only read In Style, People fashion edition and Elle

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Megan's Plaid Bag

Megan's Plaid Bag
  • My glassesI always have them in my bag, just in case my contacts start to bother me.
  • My School IDcan't go to class without it!
  • Pencils/HighlightersI have to write with something.
  • Cell Phonehave to have my phone.
  • Chapstickof course!
  • Mint GumI hate bad breath!!!
  • Hair brushsomeone got this for me in Japan; it's the perfect size.
  • iPodhave to have my music.
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Nadia's Coach Bag

Nadia's Coach Bag

* Day planner-I can't function without it. I can't remember everything!
* Lip Stuff-I always have one with me. Vanilla Mint Chapstick is so good.
* Heart rate monitor, hair elastics and iPod for the gym-my iPod has a Juicy Couture holder with a cute little lady but charm-my favorite.
* Keys, phone, wallet, sunglasses (really the essentials).
* Inhaler and eye drops for allergies.
* Purell hand sanitizer for icky places.
* Tide pen-'cause you never know.
* Rosary.
* Hand lotion-BBW "look ma new hands"-it has paraffin in it and feels really nice.
* Camera-it's not in there right now cause I'm taking the pickie with it!

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Mandy's Louis Vuitton Bag

Mandy's Louis Vuitton Bag

My Louis holds so much. I have to clean it about once a week.
* Moleskin notebook-great for jotting down ideas.
* Perfume-Hermes Eau de Merveilles. I don't know anyone else who wears it!
* Phone-Sidekick 3
* Sudoku-I do them in class...oops!
* Credit card holder-good for grabbing when I can leave the bag behind.
* Keys
* Red iPod Nano
* Burt's Bees lip balm, the best ever.
* Lots of pens so I can just grab one without digging.
* Sunglasses-the Denver sun is bright!
* Gum and mints
* Student ID-Movie discounts = fantastic.

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