Good hair days, here we come!

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Credit: Art by Elysia Berman

I'm going to be very honest with you — of all my beauty related talents, my ability to do my own hair falls at the very bottom. I have no patience for it. None. Specificallly with blowouts — I find maneuvering roundbrushes difficult. I can't ever seem to get the volume I like. But then a nifty little device called the Click n Curl came across my desk, and while at first I was skeptical of the detachable barrels which set your hair style, they really do what they say. For more on why this genius product will change your hair days forever, we spoke to the creator of Click n Curl Kim Nimsgern, as well as Editorial Stylist and Salon Owner, Vince Varia.

What It's Called: Click n Curl

What It Will Set You Back:

Two of the new Amouse Bouche lippies from Bite Beauty (give or take) .... or $39.99;

What Makes It Special:

Kim Nimsgern explains, "Click n Curl is unlike any other styling tool. It is intended to be used in conjunction with your personal hair dry, and you are drying and styling at the same time, unlike other electric styling tools that require you to dry first then style."

Who’s It For?

"It’s for women that love blowouts, but don’t have time, funds, or access to visit a salon as often as they like," says Kim Nimsgern. "It’s for women that want to save time by cutting their hairstyling routine in half. Women with all hair lengths can use the Click n Curl, from short to long, since it comes in sizes XS – L."

When to Use It:

Anytime you want a blowout. It saves time and saves your hair a second heat treatment. It can be used on freshly washed hair or to refresh a day old style (safe to use on dry hair).

What It Feels Like:

It feels like you’ve just left the salon — like a "good hair day,” and we all know how great that feels.

What the Experts Are Saying:

“Click n Curl is a game changer! I built my reputation on glamorous, sexy, 'Hollywood style' blowouts, and people come to me just for that. Before Click 'n Curl, I would use multiple round brushes, maybe 10 or 12, and leave them all wrapped in their hair to cool so the curls would set — that’s the key to results that can last for days. Imagine how cumbersome that was. There were handles everywhere. They were difficult to work around, heavy, and would pull the hair down on one side. Click 'n Curl changes all that. The detachable barrels are so lightweight, and there are no more hanging handles. You get the ease of the blow dryer, the curl of hot rollers, and unbelievable root lift in one easy step!”

What the Internet Is Saying: