According to Shoppers, This Anti-Aging Serum Is Better Than Coffee

This Anti-Aging Serum Works So Well, 50-Year-Olds Are Confused for Teenagers

From a distance, but still.
By Rachel Nussbaum
Jun 29, 2021 @ 11:00 pm
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While the past year and a half threw almost every part of my daily routine into a tailspin, two parts stayed consistent: giving my three cats their entire day's-worth of food at 6 a.m. and sipping a life-giving cup of coffee in the morning. IMO, it's a brave person indeed who proclaims that a face serum is so awakening, they no longer need the beverage. And yet, Youth to the People's 15% Vitamin C + Clean Caffeine Energy Serum is apparently just that good. 

The serum launched last December in the thick of the pandemic, and since then it's racked up glowing reviews to equal the brand's best-selling moisturizer and face mask. Anything that could make people happy during those dark days must be seriously amazing, if their pandemic was anything like mine — and to hear shoppers tell it, the formula pulls no punches. 

"I'm 60, and this serum seriously makes me look younger," writes one person. "I don't see the eye bags I used to see all the time, I don't see the deep wrinkles around my eyes, and my face just looks much brighter and clearer." Fine lines vanish within a couple of weeks, another shopper says, while the depuffing effect is instantaneous every morning. 

Another person agrees that it feels like "skin wakes up and comes alive" upon contact with the serum, and while vitamin C's main wheelhouse is brightening, it also tones down redness, shrinks scars, sunspots, and acne in a matter of days, lightens under-eye circles, and tightens skin to boot.

15% Vitamin C + Clean Caffeine Energy Serum
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Those results are thanks to the formula's ingredient list, which sets itself apart from 99 percent of vitamin C serums with the inclusion of caffeine. And while it might seem like a stretch that skincare could replace your morning coffee, board-certified dermatologist Rachel Nazarian says there's truth to the finding: Topically applied caffeine can temporarily improve puffiness, which is why you often see it touted in "miracle" body-firming formulas

Per shoppers, that caffeine and the serum's three forms of vitamin C make for magic. "This serum has completely changed my skin! I have that youthful glow I didn't know I could get again," writes a 50-year-old reviewer of the dramatic changes they saw in three days. "I noticed a difference in roughly three days, and others noticed after a week. I had a neighbor not recognize me right away on day nine. She actually thought I was my teenage daughter until I got closer." 

Where other formulas can be thick and sticky (paging Megan and Cardi), shoppers describe the serum's texture as light, watery, and quick to absorb, getting the bounce-improving benefits to your skin ASAP. And if you're not a fan of what one shopper dubs the "meat smell" of other vitamin C serums, that metallic penny odor is thankfully absent.  

All of which leads to comments like, "Pure joy. Never been happier with a facial product in 24 years," as a penultimate shopper puts it. A last one concludes: "YA GIRL IS IN LOVE!" Try it for yourself.