I Tried a Bunch of Shower Bombs To See What All the Fuss Is About

Are they actually worth the hype?

I Tried Shower Bombs To See What All the Fuss Is About
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I'm a sucker for a pamper evening. And I'd be lying if I said that whacking on a face mask and submerging into a bubble bath isn't the highlight of my week. However, the insufferable summer temperatures and our post-lockdown hectic lifestyles mean having long baths isn't always ideal. So how do I destress?

Thankfully, the shower bomb — an innovative beauty product replicating the relaxing environment of a bath with showering's speed and convenience — gives me exactly what I need.

One of my go-to brands for this product is Amoorra, which was created by two busy mothers hunting for something that could transform their bathrooms into a sanctuary of relaxation.

But there's way more to these shower saviors than simply dropping the bomb in the base of your shower and hoping for the best. Instead, the shower's steam causes them to release essential oils, creating that spa-like experience we all crave. Plus, they're easy to use, mess-free and save time in comparison to traditional bath bombs — what's not to love?

That said, shower bombs typically contain similar ingredients to bath bombs, but the main difference is that they don't require large quantities of moisturizing oils, since they don't come into contact with the skin. Shower bombs also have a much higher concentration of essential oils, as they're largely focused on aromatherapy and creating a relaxing experience through scents.

While using essential oils on the skin can cause irritation for some, the fragrances themselves are believed to be helpful when it comes to combating stress and anxiety. According to aromatherapy practitioners, inhaling certain scents transmits messages to the brain's limbic system, which is responsible for emotion regulation. Shower bombs adopt this practice by using specific oils that focus on dispelling anger, frustration, and stress to create the optimal relaxation experience. And because they work with steam rather than touching your body, they are perfect for people with sensitive skin or eczema. I also discovered that the scent-driven experience has helped with treating my hayfever and sinus issues.

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To use a shower bomb, all you need to do is run a normal shower (but the steamier the better). Once you're in, place the tablet on the shower floor, out of the water's direct flow, and voila – you'll have an indulgent shower in no time! To maximize your relaxation, use the shower bomb at the start or end of your shower so the scent of other soaps won't interfere with the experience.

While Amoorra is mainly available in the U.K., Miss Patisserie's sumptuous and sweet-smelling collection ships to the U.S. And instead of using a blend of essential oils for an overall soothing shower, each of the Miss Patisserie bombs focuses on a specific essential oil to create a more targeted experience.

I put their Shower Steamer Collection to the test so I could trial four of their different aromatherapy products. First things first, wow these shower bombs pack a punch! I was hit by their aromatic smell instantly when opening my parcel, instantly making me excited for the aromatherapy experience to come. I also noticed that these shower steamers are absolutely massive —you'll definitely get quite a few uses out of them. Plus, they're designed to be broken in half so the luxurious showers can last for even longer. However, the real question on my mind was whether they'd live up to the hype within my shower.

The verdict? I started by trying Miss Patisserie's Destress Shower Steamer, which contains juniper berry essential oil. This is typically used in aromatherapy for relieving tension, reducing stress, and assisting with anxiety — exactly what I needed after an overwhelming workday when I didn't have time to fully unwind in the bathtub. After five minutes of breathing in this uplifting and soothing scent (as well as taking the time to close my eyes and calm my thoughts) I felt unbelievably better! No joke; I actually think that this shower bomb calmed my anxiety and left me feeling refreshed.

Next up was Miss Patisserie's Sleep Shower Steamer, which I was keen to try as sleep has been a massive struggle for me recently. I don't know whether it's due to the lavender essential oil that's believed to reduce restlessness and aid sleep, or simply because I had a relaxing shower right before bed, but I had the best night's sleep in a long time and felt incredibly destressed after trying this one.

Shower bombs aren't just for relaxation, however. For a morning burst of energy, look no further than Miss Patisserie's Uplift Shower Steamer, which uses lemongrass essential oil to reduce fatigue, energize the mind, and invigorate the senses. I'm personally not much of a morning shower person, but this sounds like exactly what we need on a gloomy Monday.

No matter which scent you go with, the beauty of shower bombs is that they resonate with everyone, regardless of their age, gender, or lifestyle. Maybe you don't have time to sit in the bath because your child is screaming, or perhaps your house doesn't even have a bathtub. Whatever the reason, pamper evenings aren't off-limits thanks to this easy (and quick) solution.

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